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by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Boston Bruins Head Coach, Dave Lewis

On the emotion of Thursday’s game:
I thought for the whole game there was emotion. If you had been on the bench you could have really sensed that and felt it. (There was) a lot of energy. In the first period, in the locker room, you could sense it, and in the second period there was still energy after the period even though we were down. I think a little more desperation kicked in and that part of the game was just elevated and it got very robust.

On the Bruins scoring opportunities:
We equaled them in scoring chances but some of our great scoring chances missed the net. We’re trying to fine tune…when you go dry like we have for five of the six periods. We had some great opportunities that missed the net…We can’t fine tune. We’ve got to get the goalie to make the save. That’s what we have to do. And that’s from trying to hard.

On the absence of Glen Murray and P.J. Axelsson:
You hope the other guys get opportunities to (fill the void left by Murray and Axelsson). You ’re not going to replace either Muzz or Axie with the way they play and their experience, but now you’ve got other guys to step up with an opportunity. We have to find ways to win. (We) as coaches we have to figure out how to win with this group.

On P.J. Axelsson’s condition:
(P.J.) has a cast on his wrist. He has a broken bone in there. How long he’ll be out, I don’t know how long bones take to heal. Four weeks for sure. (It happened) sometime on the road trip. He went through a series x-rays and CT scans since we got back, but nothing really showed up until yesterday. He’s going to see a specialist again tomorrow.
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