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Checking in

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Hey guys...Bish, here.

Sorry for the lack of an update tonight. I wasn’t kidding or teasing.
I have been checking with the B’s for a lineup for the game tomorrow, but no dice.
Sorry ‘bout that. That’s training camp for ya! The management certainly has a ton to do.


I went to looking for their lineup. Negative. They’re pretty busy down there, too.

Ok, So let’s try this...during commercials this evening.

Why not try and have a look at the latest from the NHL, including some news on the Devils and the Habs?
Then go here: The mysterious Spector has a very entertaining look at NHL moves and all that good hockey geek stuff.
Finally, go say “Hi” to the nice folks over at And tell ‘em Bish sent ya.
For dessert, try a helping of This guy has put together a complete history of all of the NHL uni’s – of all time. It’s nuts, but its great! Which Bruin uni do you like best? I am thrilled that our guys will be wearing some vintage threads a few times this season. I don’t think I am going to miss Pooh Bear.

More from today...

“[As far as today’s scrimmage] I like Kalus, I think he’s been really consistent. I thought he was effective all over the rink. I don’t watch the veteran guys [although] I thought Mark Mowers had a really good day, with a couple of scoring chances...Toivonen hasn’t let a goal in, although he hasn’t gotten a lot of work in. He saw a lot of shots, though. Those are good things. Any time you go in net and don’t let anything in. That’s good.”
Head Coach, Dave Lewis, on today’s practice and scrimmage.

“Just about everything.”
Lewis, on what the team needs to work on.

“We showed them a video on forechecking in the neutral zone and the attacking zone. We tried to incorporate that into practice with both groups...Tomorrow we are going to try and do some power play stuff with the early group to get ready for the game.”
Lewis, on what they were working on today, what they are going to work on Sunday.

“Coming in here I feel a little more confident, knowing that they signed me...I have that sense that they really feel like I can do the job. In years past it really hasn’t been that way, whether it be the coach or the GM. You sense that they don’t have the confidence in you and it kind’ve effects the way you play. I’m just having a free mind out there...I feel pretty good. I’ve been surprised about my legs, I feel like I have had a pretty good jump out there.”
Forward, Mark Mowers

“Of all the coaches I’ve had he’s been the one who’s had the most confidence in me. It helps when he puts you out there on face offs in the d-zone, you know, it builds your confidence. Obviously it helps with him here, knowing that he knows what kind of player I am and what I can do out there.”
Mowers, on Coach Lewis

“I don’t know what it is, it’s just one of those things. You just get used to it. Your teeth get knocked out and whatever...Especially facial injuries, cuts and stuff like that, guys, if they have to, get stitched up, they get it done quick, as quick as you can, and get back out there. You just don’t think about it. It’s just part of the game.”
Mowers, on continuing to play through injury or pain – he got hit in the face with a puck today

“It’s definitely not just another stop...It’s been pretty special...It’s one of the places I definitely wanted to come and play and I am excited about it.”
Mowers, on being a former University of New Hampshire Player, returning to New England

Fan Fest...

“We’re here to get autographs from the players. And take some pictures.”
Bruins Fan, Jennifer, from New Bedford, Mass.

“The best part was meeting the players, getting some autographs, and watching the game.”
Bruins Fan, Roy, also from New Bedford, Mass.

Roy and Jennifer were there with youngsters Austin and Sean. They were decked out in Bruins gear and were just one familial example of the Bruins’ successful Fan Fest.

It was truly a treat to see so many Bruins faithful out there in Wilmington. I can’t wait for the first home game. I met some of you and I hope to meet a bunch more in the coming weeks...

Ok folks, night, night. I will post after the game tomorrow. If the B’s do have anything to say before the usual pre-game stuff, they will say it on the front page and I will comment on it post-game.

To be honest, I have no idea how they deal with having so many players to work with and all that stuff. There were a ton of players in and out of the room and rink today.

Running a team is so complex and intriguing, I really hope to give you some more insight on how the decisions are made as the month and season moves along.

Meanwhile, I will post after the game tomorrow. Go Bruins!
Aw, heck. Go Pats.
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