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Chat Transcript: Michael Ryder

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
The_Linesman: Okay everyone, Michael just arrived, so hang on for a couple of minutes.

The_Linesman: But feel free to start asking questions! Anyone from Newfoundland here today?
Michael_Ryder: What's up everyone, thanks for coming. I'm ready to get started.
bleedblack&gold: Hey! How do you feel about playing Carolina in the 2nd round?
Michael_Ryder: They are a good team, that’s for sure.
Michael_Ryder: They have lots of speed and can score. We just have to play our game, we had success against them during the regular season but they have a different team now.
Michael_Ryder: It should be a good series.
RYDER73: hey michael gret job during the habs series how did it feel to score against your former team....and a great goal at that
Michael_Ryder: I didn't score against them during the regular season, I had chances then but it was good timing for them to go in during playoffs.
mlpb1737: Who do you hang out with most on the team?
Michael_Ryder: I hang out with everybody pretty much... Stuart is my roommate on the road.
Michael_Ryder: Go to dinner with Thornton, Hnidy, Axelsson, Wardo mostly... but I pretty much hang out with everyone.
beatthecanes198: Great first round performance Michael. Considering how well you played, do you expect the 10-day lay off to hinder the club much?
Michael_Ryder: We have been practicing hard the last week and we know we might be a little rusty but we just have to keep things simple early in the game.
Michael_Ryder: We need to make sure we watch our turnovers against these guys and not try to force things.
Michael_Ryder: Even with the lay off I think we have been working hard and will be ready to go.
nyj4: What's your favorite snack food?
Michael_Ryder: I like chocolate mousse cake the most, but I need to watch the weight so I can't eat it too much! haha
bruinsfan37: Hey Michael! Is the Boston-Montreal rivalry any different as a Bruin?
Michael_Ryder: Being on this side is a little different but the history between the two teams, it's always good to be a part of.
Michael_Ryder: This year I'm fortunate to be on the winning side!
The_Linesman: Great questions everyone! Keep 'em coming...
bruinsfan: who's got the best playoff beard going?
Michael_Ryder: I think Fernandez could have the best one but he doesn’t let it grow out too much because he doesn't let it get too big.
Michael_Ryder: I keep telling him to let it grow
Michael_Ryder: Besides him, I think Wides has a pretty good one... a nice red beard right now.
BruinsFan73: Hi Michael, you've had an amazing first season in Boston - what has your favorite part been?
Michael_Ryder: Being here and being a part of this team.
Michael_Ryder: We have a great bunch of guys here and they made me feel welcome since day one.
holiwood77: What do you do on the day of a game to prepare?
Michael_Ryder: We skate in the morning usually and after that around 12 I eat a pre game meal of pasta and chicken... and maybe a little ice cream for dessert.
Michael_Ryder: Then I go home and take a nap for a couple hours, get up and come to the rink two hours before the game.
Michael_Ryder: Same routine every day.
DiehardBruinFan: what did you think of thomas proformance in the first round of the playoffs
Michael_Ryder: He was a big key to the series, always made the big save when we needed it.
Michael_Ryder: It's good to know you have two goalies back there and have confidence in both of them.
Michael_Ryder: Timmy deserves to get the Vezina this year, he's had a great season.
jwd22: Hi Michael I have to ask, in fight who would win you or kessel?
Michael_Ryder: I can't believe you are even asking me this question, of course I would win a fight with Kessel!
Thomas1: What Television shows are you into if any?
Michael_Ryder: Where to start...
Michael_Ryder: I like 24, I watch Seinfeld, Prison Break and a lot of golf too
73: Are you keeping up with any other sports?
Michael_Ryder: I watch baseball, football, hockey and golf.
Michael_Ryder: I grew up watching the Blue Jays... would like to check out a game at Fenway soon.
MRyder73: Michael do you plan on wearing the half shield for the rest of your career, or is it something you've had to stick with to protect the injury.
Michael_Ryder: I first put it on because of the injury but now I've gotten used to it.
Michael_Ryder: I have to wear it the rest of the season and I'm not really sure what I'm going to do next season.
Michael_Ryder: I'm leaning towards wearing it next year right now.
The_Linesman: 114 people in the chat! Outstanding!
Kessel: Wheres your favorite place to play besides the garden
Michael_Ryder: I like playing in Montreal. The atmosphere during playoff time is always exciting.
islander: Hello Michael, congrats on a awsome series against the habs...   I'm chatting to you from Grand Falls Newfoundland by the way....
Michael_Ryder: Thanks, good to hear from Newfoundland! Thanks for stopping in.
bleedblack&gold: I personally love the Krejci, Ryder, Wheeler line and I'm sad that you're not usually paired up anymore. How do you like playing with them?
Michael_Ryder: I liked playing with those guys, we seemed to read off each other pretty good.
Michael_Ryder: But now Lucic is with me and Krejci and he has done a good job playing with us and fits in good with our line.
mango: Hey Michael, who passes the sauce better, David Krejci or Marc Savard?
Michael_Ryder: Both can sauce the puck pretty good... better than me!
i_love_45: I herad Mark Stuart does impressions of you and your accent, how true is this and how do you feel about it???
Michael_Ryder: hahaha... yeah he tries. The guys say he is doing a good job, but I ignore him.
joemaz93: do u feel that lucics intensity he brings alot to the game
Michael_Ryder: He is a big kid, uses his body well and creates a lot of room on the ice for his linemates.
AMunz46261773: You mentioned you eat ice cream before every game? What's your favorite kind?
Michael_Ryder: A couple of scoops of vanilla... but sometimes I mix in a little chocolate.
Michael_Ryder: I hope our trainer is not in this chat room!
The_Linesman: ...
JaredFromNH: Hey Mike, Great job this year, glad to have you on the team!  What do you feel is the main reason that attributes to you having a better season than you did last year ??
Michael_Ryder: Just getting a chance to play and the coaching staff has the confidence in you. It is easier to play when everybody trusts you on the ice.
cup_to_the_hub: Do the players realize how much the fans are expecting from them this year?
Michael_Ryder: We know the fans are behind us in that and it's a sports city. It's good to see we have the support and hopefully we don't disappoint.
Michael_Ryder: "We want it as bad as you" haha
lets_go_bruins: What is behind your number 73?
Michael_Ryder: When I first went to training camp in Montreal that was the number they gave to me and I just stuck with it since then.
JiggsDinner: Who was your favorite team to watch when you were younger?
Michael_Ryder: Toronto.
Michael_Ryder: Watched them on tv.. and my dad was a Leafs fan.
cor2487: Hey Michael, i have seen in some of the other chats that savvy has the worst pregame music selection, what kind of music do you listen to before a game to get amped up?
Michael_Ryder: Savvy doesn't have the best playlists on the team, but I like everything, all different kinds of music.
Michael_Ryder: AC/DC is my favorite band though.
joemaz93: Who was your hockey role model growing up?
Michael_Ryder: Mario Lemieux.
shawn1960: Is Daniel enjoying it in Providence
Michael_Ryder: Yeah my brother likes it there, he's adjusting and getting better every game. I think he's a good player and needs to keep working hard.
mjchafe_ryder73: Is Mark Stuart as mean as he looks?  Thanks for having such a great year...good luck in round 2 from all da byes back here in Newfoundland!
Michael_Ryder: He looks mean cause he's got a big head haha... he's a nice guy off the ice but he plays hard.
bruinsrule1211: Did you watch any of the other round 1 playoff games?
Michael_Ryder: Yeah I pretty much watched as much as I could. I like watching playoff hockey, don't watch much during the regular season but always watch during the playoffs.
ryder73: who is the hardest working bruin in the weight room?
Michael_Ryder: Definitely Z.
Michael_Ryder: He is always in there doing extra work.
73: Any fun nicknames for you? I mean, you can't really beat Big Daddy Wheels, but still.
Michael_Ryder: I got a lot of nicknames... Newf, Turbo, and Ryds
lianne_from_mtl: Congrats on an awesome first round!  What do you like to do on your time off in the summer?
Michael_Ryder: Work out and play golf.
Thomas1: what kind of car do you drive?
Michael_Ryder: I have two.. a Escalade and a M5
Newfie_Mom: Where is your favorite golf course?  Which one in Newfoundland?
Michael_Ryder: I usually play Clovelly, which is in St. John's
chad456: what was your fav goal ever scored in a game or one u rember the most?
Michael_Ryder: Probably the one against Atlanta this year... I didn't really know what I was doing and then I had an open net.
RYDER!: Mike what was it like playing as a kid where you the one that Dangles or the playmaker that takes half the glory
kodie: did you have wii it has funny game to play
Michael_Ryder: Yeah I have it... I play mostly sports games, I like bowling a lot.
jadadog: You said once when you were with Montreal that you hated playing against Chara, hopefully he has grown on you. lol
Michael_Ryder: Yeah it was always hard playing against him... I always tried to hit him and came out on the short end of the stick.
Michael_Ryder: They showed a clip here on the big screen at the games earlier in the year of me getting crushed by him last year when I was with Montreal.
Michael_Ryder: Black and Blue Hockey.
The_Linesman: ...
Roger_F: Hey Mike. Great Year!! Way to go. I knew you had it in you. I was a Habs fab until you left...Now it's Bruins all the way. Just wondering about your quick release. Is it a snap shot or wrist shot?
Michael_Ryder: Snapper, I think. I usually pull it in when I shoot.
skark50: Are you guys happy to be playing the huricanes? How do you think the team compares the the Canes?
Michael_Ryder: They are a fast team and they have good goaltending.
Michael_Ryder: It's not going to be an easy series. We just have to make sure we play our game and make it hard on them.
11azteca: who has been your favorite Linemate in your carrier? and who would be your Dream linemate?
Michael_Ryder: I liked playing with Koivu when I was in Montreal, Ribiero too. Chris Higgins was a pretty good linemate too.
Michael_Ryder: Here, I've played with just about everybody and found a lot of chemistry with Krecji Wheels and Lucic.
Michael_Ryder: Savvy is fun to play with too.
Michael_Ryder: Lemieux and Cam would be my Dream line.
nyj4: Do you miss your hair?
Michael_Ryder: A little bit, but there's a lot less maintenance when there’s nothing up there and I'm a pretty slow guy so it makes me move a little quicker.
Michael_Ryder: Plus it was for a good cause.
cor2487: is it tough catching a savvy pass somtimes with the way he finds a ridiculously small hole, it looks like he catches some guys by surprise
Michael_Ryder: Savvy always seems to find the holes when he passes and sometimes you don't really see it coming but when you play with him you have to be ready at all times
Michael_Ryder: because he makes the hard passes look easy
The_Linesman: A couple more questions...
BBBB8888: Who's a better golfer you or Savvy?
Michael_Ryder: He has the edge on me, but my game takes a while to come around.
Michael_Ryder: I'm sure we'll get a few rounds in after the season's over.
bdpendleton: Ryder do you gusy ever do anything after games as a team to celebrate, team dinners?
Michael_Ryder: On the road we usually go to team dinners, sometimes after home games we'll grab a bite to eat too.
Michael_Ryder: Boston has a lot of great restaurants.
Sobotka_Krejci: I have seaon tickets right behind the net and I saw Ward and Lucic singing before the game do you or any other players sing as well?
Michael_Ryder: I hear Savvy singing on the bench all the time and he is not very good... and sometimes he forgets the words.
kick: Any insight on your feelings about playing the Hurricanes?
Michael_Ryder: I watched the series and it was a battle right to the end. These guys never quit.
Michael_Ryder: The Devils were a hard series for them and they are a different team when we played them during the regular season. We aren't even thinking about our record against them this year.
Michael_Ryder: It's a clean slate in the playoffs.
yoshi1971: Are U happy to be in Boston ?
Michael_Ryder: Yes, it's a great city and I really like it here.
Michael_Ryder: Been treated well by my teammates and the fans here and I appreciate that.
Michael_Ryder: Thanks again for stopping in... this was a lot of fun.
Michael_Ryder: Hope to see you all on Friday.
The_Linesman: Thanks everyone!
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