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Chat Transcript: Mark Recchi

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
The_Ref: Thanks for joining us everyone.  Mark is just getting set up, so please hold tight for a few more minutes.

The_Ref: Feel free to start submitting your questions to Mark now while we settle in.
Mark Recchi
Mark_Recchi: Hey everybody, thanks for coming
Mark_Recchi: I'm ready to get started.
hate_the_habs: what’s the general atmosphere in the locker room right now...heading into an exciting playoff series?
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Mark_Recchi: Excited and edgy, which is good.
Mark_Recchi: It's a positive vibe right now, but not overconfident.
FelixPotvin29: Hey Mark! Great to have you on board. What are your thoughts on your linemates Patrice Bergeron and Chuck Kobasew?
Mark_Recchi: I love playing with them.
Mark_Recchi: both very underrated players.
Mark_Recchi: Patrice plays against all the top lines and Chuck scored 20 goals in 3 of the last 4 years, people don’t realize how good of a player he is.
rechi4PM: From all the winning teams you've been on, how would you compare this bruins team to the others?
Mark_Recchi: Very similar because of the depth, size, skill and goaltending.
FelixPotvin29: Hey Rex. Who do you think is the most dangerous player on Montreal?
Mark_Recchi: Kovalev.
Mark_Recchi: Very skilled and big and strong.
06_37_73_91_30: How does Boston stack up as opposed to the other atmospheres you've played in?
Mark_Recchi: Very much the same, I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's playoff game to see and hear the excitement of the crowd.
Savvygirl91: What was it like for you to find out that you were coming to play in Boston?
Mark_Recchi: extremely excited. I was hoping that Boston was the team. I heard rumblings but wasn’t sure.
Mark_Recchi: It was a great day when I found out.
bruinsfan4life: How important is leadership and experience during the playoff push, i know you can bring that to the bruins table. who has helped you throughout your career during these times?
Mark_Recchi: When I first started I sat between Bryan Trottier and Joey Mullen in the first Cup year in Pittsburgh and it was invaluable to me.
Mark_Recchi: As a young player back then it was great having those experienced players there in the locker room beside me.
Mark_Recchi: They knew how to handle things.
Savvy91: Hey Mark!! great season thus far!! How different is it coming from Tampa Bay, a lottery team, to a playoff atmosphere here in Boston so late in the season?
Mark_Recchi: Huge difference.
Mark_Recchi: Playing for a Stanley Cup is what we play for.
Mark_Recchi: To go from last to first is amazing now to have the opportunity now to play for the Cup.
bob_richards: Mark Glad to have you a part of the Bruins. As a play how does it feel to be on the other side of the HAB's vs B's
Mark_Recchi: I never had the playoff experience while playing for Montreal against the Bruins, but the regular season always meant something.
Mark_Recchi: It was a great rivalry.
the_linesman: ...
RecchinBall: Hey Mark, do you ever feel a little nervous screening for the man with the fastest slapshot in the NHL, or is it just another day at the office for you?
Mark_Recchi: It's just another day at the office, I trust my teammates.
Kat: Hi Mark - Veteran leadership is a great asset in the playoffs; you've won two Cups already.  What do you think is the most important thing the newer/younger players need to keep in mind? Good Luck!
Mark_Recchi: You are not going to win a series in one game. It's a process and you have to continue to focus on every shift of every game over a 7 game series. If they do that, they'll be fine.
Hawgs38: Mark you have been in the league long enough to be familiar with Boston and the fans.  How big an impact do you think home ice will be, especially to open the series with MTL
Mark_Recchi: I think home ice is extremely important.
Mark_Recchi: The atmosphere, the emotions of your home crowd can help get you through tough situations.
hubhockey: In the past you have grown out some pretty grizzly beards during the playoffs, would it be wrong to expect that this year?
Mark_Recchi: It's already started!
Kaikoura: Hello Mark!  First I have to say that I love watching you play every night.  I'm thrilled that you are now a Bruin.  Question -having played for 7 NHL teams do you find it hard to keep changing teams
Mark_Recchi: Not really, it would be nice to be in one spot for a long time but I'm fortunate good teams like the Bruins wanted to get me at the Deadline.
Mark_Recchi: It's more of a compliment than it is anything else.
BruinsFan91: I may be jumping ahead of things, but can you see yourself back in the Black & Gold next season?
Mark_Recchi: Yes I can.
Bruins_and_Beer: Mark, who would you least want to fight on the Bruins?
Mark_Recchi: Chara. I'm glad I'm on his team now!
ScreenCaryPrice: Hi Mark. You've been successful in front of the net since joining the Bs. Tipping shots is a skill that criminally under appreciated by many fans. How much time do you put into practicing redirections
Mark_Recchi: I've spent some time after practices. It's nice to get the D men to shoot pucks so I can get a feel for their shots.
Mark_Recchi: We have great defensemen that do a great job of getting pucks on net. It is unbelievable how good they are at getting pucks on net.
the_linesman: ...
bruins81: hey mark as a player in the NHL for a while now, what is your opinion on fighting? do you feel there is still a place for it?
Mark_Recchi: Yes I feel there is.
IBleedBlackNGld: Who on the team, is going to have the hardest time growing a playoff beard?
Mark_Recchi: We have a few youngsters that will have problems! Probably Wheels will be the worst.
smnelson929: Which team did you grow up a fan up and who was your favorite player as a kid?
Mark_Recchi: My favorite player was Bryan Trottier and I had the opportunity to play with him and win a Cup with him. It was amazing.
Bruinsfan1991: how do you feel the team is health wise heading into the playoffs?
Mark_Recchi: Health wise the team is great. Hopefully we get Ference back on the ice soon but other than that we are good to go.
gorskic: How big an adjustment was it to learn to play in front of Tim Thomas with his "unconventional" style? Do you have to be more aware in your own zone of the rebounds, etc?
Mark_Recchi: No adjustment at all. He is a tremendous goalie, very athletic. A little unconventional but no difference for the players in front of him.
cwisto: Mark...Do you think all the talk about Montreal winning 24 of 31 series and all the history that surrounds Montreal vs Boston will affect the team in any ways??
Mark_Recchi: No not at all.
Mark_Recchi: It is ancient history, we are focusing on what we do best as a team.
Annie: Mark, thanks for chatting. Do you get nervous for the playoffs, and if so, how do you deal with it?
Mark_Recchi: Of course we all get nervous, no matter what. But once the first shift is over, your focus takes over and getting in to the game lets you forget about it.
hubhockey: Hey Mark - Great to have you in Beantown and congrats on your success here so far. What was it like playing in your first game against the Habs in the Black & Gold and then getting the OT game winner?
Mark_Recchi: It was everything I expected- passion, emotion, the energy was amazing in the building.
Mark_Recchi: I look forward to the same type of atmosphere tomorrow.
skc30: Hey Mark, great job this year so far - welcome to Boston! Who on the team do you hang around with most?
Mark_Recchi: We all kind of hang out together. At home it's a little tougher but on the road we all go to dinner together.
SumthinBruin: How would you compare this Bruins team to the past two cup teams you have been a part of?
Mark_Recchi: Very very similar. 14 good forwards, 8 good defensemen and great goaltending is very similar to what I've experienced in the past two Cups.
Mark_Recchi: The size and skill is very good here.
jeffboots1: What advice do you give to the younger players that are experiencing this for the first time?
Mark_Recchi: Enjoy it.
Mark_Recchi: There is nothing better than playoff hockey. Embrace it.
jimflana: Hi Mark, it's great to have you in our town. I must say you look like a natural Boston Bruin! Are you having fun playing in such a heavy sport town?
Mark_Recchi: It's incredible, more than what I even expected. I love Boston.
the_linesman: Keep the ?'s coming...
bruinfan37: Who is your roomate for the road games?
Mark_Recchi: I have my own room. If you play 600 games and 10 years in the league, you get your own.
Gary: Mark - I cant wait to see the habs go packing early this year, now that you are with the bruins which FORMER bruins would you of liked to play with besides the guys your with now (their all awesome)
Mark_Recchi: Cam Neely, Ray Bourque, go back to Bucyk, Espo, Cashman and obviously Orr.
Kaikoura: Since coming to Boston have you had much of a chance to see the city?
Mark_Recchi: A little bit.
Mark_Recchi: The weather is turning nicer so I'm getting out more.
Mark_Recchi: It's a great city, nice to just walk around.
MedwayB_sFan: You seem to score a majority of your goals via "tips", did you have this skill when you were younger or is it something you have developed over your career?
Mark_Recchi: Yeah I always scored the majority of my goals around the net throughout my career, even when I was younger.
Bruins_and_Beer: do you think the travel schedule from Boston to Montreal can become a factor in a long series?
Mark_Recchi: No not at all. The travel is actually pretty easy, it's only an hour flight.
Mark_Recchi: I remember the travel between Carolina and Edmonton was very difficult, but we hung in and prevailed in that series.
sarah10401: What other sports and teams do you follow?
Mark_Recchi: I love baseball, big Jason Bay fan.
Mark_Recchi: I hope to go see him at Fenway this summer.
russell: Go Bruins!  Go Recchi!  im a newfoundlander and i was just wondering what it was like to have a newfoundlander in the dressing room?  Michael Ryder is a newfoundlander and we are very proud of him!!!
Mark_Recchi: He is awesome, what a great guy, great teammate and I enjoy playing with him.
the_linesman: ...
HabHater28: If the Bruins were to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, which team in the Western conference would you fear to face?
Mark_Recchi: Any team would be tough at that point. They made it there for a reason.
habs_hater: Mark who is the biggest prankster on the team and what was the best prank you seen since joining the Bs
Mark_Recchi: There's a lot more chirping back and forth more than there are actual pranks. It's a fun dressing room.
achisling: Mark, I am just wondering if you have had to put Shawn Thornton into his place yet? Hahaha
Mark_Recchi: No, he is a fun guy and again a good teammate. Shawn, get off the chat haha
Mark_Recchi: You can ask me these questions tomorrow haha
_28: Mark, what type of pre-game music do you listen to to get pumped up?
Mark_Recchi: Thank God Savvy doesn't play his music... but I prefer rock and roll or country... so that means I don't get to listen to my music in the dressing room.
FelixPotvin29: Aside from the players, head coach and GM, what Bruin doesn't get enough credit?
Mark_Recchi: I would say Bergeron or Kobasew really. Both great two-way players.
LloydAB: How is Fernandez in the dressing room?
Mark_Recchi: He is a good teammate.
matt: Hey Mark! how do you feel about the Bruins coaching staff compared to some of your previous teams?
Mark_Recchi: Tremendous coaching staff here. We are very well prepared, they are good teachers and motivators as well.
Mark_Recchi: I had Ramsay in Philadelphia as an assistant and it's nice to be back with him.
dropkickmurph14: was it easy to adjust to claude julien's defensive system and do you like it
Mark_Recchi: Very easy to adjust to the system.
Mark_Recchi: I like the way the coaches have it set up here.
hate_the_habs: Who is the most entertaining bruin?
Mark_Recchi: On the ice, Lucic. His physical play is fun to watch and he loves to play it up.
Mark_Recchi: Off the ice, would be Thorty probably.
eat!: Recc-Dogger. are you going to tip a Chara slapper top cheese?
Mark_Recchi: I hope so!
achisling: Of all the franchises you have played for, what one has been your favorite? (I know you play for Boston now but no homer answer needed here)
Mark_Recchi: Philadelphia was an outstanding place to play but I've been fortunate to have been in a lot of great organizations.
xohockeyfreakox: How will having Bergeron back help the Bruins this time around?
Mark_Recchi: It will help tremendously, he is one of the top two-way forwards in the league.
Mark_Recchi: He plays against all the top lines.
Bruins2009: How is it to play with Wardo again after winning the stanley cup in Carolina?
Mark_Recchi: It's great. I hope to repeat the same as Carolina.
the_linesman: a couple more...
kllrBfan: Mark!!! being a veteran in the lockeroom, do the youngsters see you as a leader and father figure?
Mark_Recchi: Well I could be a few of their fathers! But not sure how they think of me, you'll have to ask them.
teotodd187: what part of mass do you live in and how do you like it here
Mark_Recchi: I live downtown, and I love it here.
Norwood_Kelleys: Did you play any other sports growing up?
Mark_Recchi: I basically played everything but football... baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, tennis.
Harkins1721: How do you like playing with Savard? Do you like him as a teammate on and off the ice?
Mark_Recchi: Now Savvy is on the chat!
Mark_Recchi: Seriously though, he has been a great teammate and is one of the best passers I have ever played with.
haleyandmolly: Recchi ball, does it bother you to be the age of some of the players fathers?  I think you're fabulous!
Mark_Recchi: No it doesn't bother me at all, it's fun.
SAMANTHAbicica: I was surprised (and wicked excited) at how quickly you started producing for our team, did you expect to be able to just jump right into the mix like you did?
Mark_Recchi: It helped that I did it three years ago in Carolina so it made the adjustment easier.
Mark_Recchi: But my teammates here have been extremely great to me and have made it very easy to feel a part of it.
Mark_Recchi: Thanks a ton, hope to see you all in the black and gold tomorrow cheering loud.
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