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Chat Transcript: Blake Wheeler

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
SoSavvy91: Hi Blake. What has been your most memorable moment of the season so far?

Blake Wheeler: Being a part of the team and being around the players all the time has been the best part so far
Blake Wheeler: Playing in the NHL and being a part of a class organization like the Boston Bruins has been a huge thrill
timmy_fan93: Blake, do you feel that you really connect with the other younger players?
Blake Wheeler: All the young guys really get along well.
Blake Wheeler: I knew Phil from Minnesota and he has been helpful in my transition to the NHL.
Blake Wheeler: all the young guys hang out all the time and really get along well.
beproud42: Does Thomas get as aggressive on you guys in practice as he does on opposing players during games?
Blake Wheeler: Timmy is one of the most competitive players I've ever played with, which is
why he is such a phenomenal goaltender.
Blake Wheeler: In practice whenever I score on him, he screams at me and bascially makes me feel terrible about myself haha
Blake Wheeler: It's gotten to the point where I give him three warmup shots every practice before I actually start trying to score for real.
Blake Wheeler: It's an agreement we've made to keep everyone happy.
the_ref: keep the questions coming!
LUCIC17: how are you guys looking to come back after the lost to SJ?
Blake Wheeler: Get back to what has made us successful all year.
Blake Wheeler: Playing well in all three zones and being responsible defensively.
Blake Wheeler: Keeping things simple helps you to generate offense which will get us back to
where we score more goals.
i_love_pups: If you could have any kind of puppy what would it be?
Blake Wheeler: Ok, pretty random but...
Blake Wheeler: Probably a cavalier king charles
kelliekristen: who do you hang out with the most on the team?
Blake Wheeler: I hang out with Phil, Krejci and Lucic the most.
Blake Wheeler: It's tough hanging out with Krejci though because of his limited vocabulary
Blake Wheeler: Just kidding though, it's actually amazing how well he speaks english with this only being his third year in the US
Bruins1fan: Is playing in Boston all you imagine and more?
Blake Wheeler: Absolutely.
Blake Wheeler: For such a big city the people are very welcoming and down to earth, which reminds me a lot of Minneapolis
Blake Wheeler: (where I'm from)
netti621: whats your favorite off season thing to do?
Blake Wheeler: Hang out on the lake and play golf.
Brandon: Is it weird playing with players you looked up to in high school and youth hockey?
Blake Wheeler: It's a little weird, but mostly very humbling playing against the guys I've
looked up to for many years.
ReneeN_S_: What made you decide to come play in Boston?
Blake Wheeler: Boston is a traditional hockey market with loyal fans and I could tell the
organization is committed to winning.
Blake Wheeler: Having the opportunity to be a part of the organization and playing in front of
their fans is a situation every young player dreams about being in.
mixmasterj904\: whos the funniest player on the bruins?
Blake Wheeler: There's a lot of funny guys on our team.
Blake Wheeler: Savvy talks all the time so he's bound to have something funny come out of his mouth every once in a while...
Blake Wheeler: I sit next to Thornton and Axy in the room and they are both "different." They
get their kicks calling Krejci and I names all day.
bruin45: what do you need to do to respond to the devils win and the bruins loss in late
Blake Wheeler: The Devils remind us a lot of ourselves, they are a very hardworking and
disciplined team.
Blake Wheeler: That makes it very difficult to play against them. You have to be responsible
on both ends of the ice against them.
Blake Wheeler: In order to give ourselves a chance to win on Friday we need to limit our
turnovers and play with the puck in their zone.
janney23: What do you think of the fan support the team and the players are getting?
Blake Wheeler: It's been great seeing the building full every night. We feed off the crowd and
you guys have really been our 7th player.
Blake Wheeler: Boston truly is a hockey town and we're glad to see more and more black and
gold out on the town.
DasJib: What's been the toughest thing to adapt to in the NHL that's different from college
Blake Wheeler: Just how positionally sound everyone is on the ice.
Blake Wheeler: There is never any confusion which makes it very easy on you defensively, but
difficult in the offensive zone because rarely do guys make mistakes in their own zone.
DasJib: Hey Blake, whats the biggest focal point for the team to improve on approaching the
Blake Wheeler: Consistency on a game to game basis.
Blake Wheeler: Playing a full 60 minutes is something we strive to do and we feel if we put
that work in every night we give ourselves a great opportunity to win every night.
the_ref: Excellent questions. Keep them coming!
bruins91: Hey Blake, Congrats on everything the team has accomplished thus far. How was the whole All Star Weekend experience?
Blake Wheeler: Thanks... it was a lot of fun to be in the same room as a lot of the players
I've looked up to for a long time.
Blake Wheeler: It was a great overall experience, hope to do it again.
GOOOOONTA: two part question Big Daddy Wheels... Do you see yourself playing for the bruins longterm and how do you like the nickname Big Daddy Wheels?
Blake Wheeler: First and foremost I'd love to be here as long as possible.
Blake Wheeler: That is out of my control, but my experience in Boston so far has been extraordinary and I look forward to being here in the future.
Blake Wheeler: Second, I'm laughing about the "Big Daddy Wheels"... can't say Ive ever heard
that before!
Blake Wheeler: but I love it!
timmy_fan93: If you could personally improve on one element about your game, what would you choose?
Blake Wheeler: My play on the offensive blue line. Sometimes the best play is to put the puck in the zone and ignoring my instinct to find an open player is difficult but necessary in
certain situations.
BlakewheelerFan: What is is your fav city to play in, besides Boston ?
Blake Wheeler: Minnesota because I'm from there and it has a great rink.
Blake Wheeler: I've had many great memories in that building so naturally it is special to me.
AtholHockey24: Would you throw the glove down with Lucic ?
Blake Wheeler: Maybe...
Blake Wheeler: if the survival of the human species depended on it...
Blake Wheeler: and he had one hand tied behind his back...
Blake Wheeler: ...and even then I probably wouldn't fight him.
bruins46: So are you thinking of going pro as a Rockband Drummer?
Blake Wheeler: My career was on the fast lane to superstardom.
Blake Wheeler: Until I had a bout of shin splints in my right leg due to the excessive tapping
on the hi-hat pedal
Blake Wheeler: At that point I had to choose between a career in hockey or one in rock band...
Blake Wheeler: After several minutes of soul searching, hockey won out but only by a hair.
bruinsfans17: hey blake
Blake Wheeler: hey bruinsfans17
janney23: whats it like to be arround hockey legends in the orginization every day like Johnny
Bucyk and Cam Neely and others?
Blake Wheeler: That is one of the main reasons I chose to play here as well.
Blake Wheeler: Being around such great players and people like Chief and Cam.
Blake Wheeler: It's been a privilege to get to know them and learn as much as I can from them.
Bruins1fan: Were you surprised when somebody throw something else instand of a hat and what was your reaction
Blake Wheeler: Yes I was surprised... It was pretty funny and unexpected.
bbirdc11: Blake, Great year so far, can you tell me what the midset is with your line now that ryder is out ,
Blake Wheeler: Thanks... we've had to deal with injuries all year and guys have stepped up all
year in other guys' absence.
Blake Wheeler: Losing Michael is a big loss for our team, but we know guys will step up in his
absence and do a great job.
LUCIC17: what type of music do you listen to?
Blake Wheeler: My music tastes are very diverse.
Blake Wheeler: Everything from 2pac to Taylor Swift.
pogmothoin: What was it like scoring your first nhl goal?
Blake Wheeler: Being on the ice in Colorado was a huge thrill for me to begin with and to
score a goal in my first game was a dream come true.
Blake Wheeler: I tried not to freak out in my celebration, on the inside I was probably a lot
more excited than I showed.
Blake Wheeler: My buddies made fun of me because I acted like I'd done it a million times
Feda: Have you played NHL 09?
Blake Wheeler: actually just finished a game before I came here.
Blake Wheeler: A 7-4 loss.
the_ref: Just a few more minutes, get those ?'s in!
meg8441: whats your favorite way to spend an off day?
Blake Wheeler: Sleep in late, nice cup of coffee and just relax at home.
jason1264: how is Chara as the captain is he very vocal?
Blake Wheeler: I wouldn't trade Z for any player in the entire league.
Blake Wheeler: He plays such an important role in shutting down the other team's top players,
manning the point on the power play, and making sure all the guys are ready to play each and
every night.
GoBruins17: Hey Wheels! The team has been great to watch, but so many key players like
yourself are quite young to the NHL. How will the combination of youth and expectations effect
this team in the playoffs?
Blake Wheeler: Well we still have a lot of hockey to play before we can start worrying about the playoffs.
Blake Wheeler: But having success in the playoffs is obviously one of the goals of any team.
Blake Wheeler: I think we have a great mix of youth and experience in our locker room that balances out.
Blake Wheeler: A lot of the guys have had great success in the playoffs before and they share
their knowledge which helps the young guys who have not been there yet.
gobruins: Is it true that Thornton is one of the most popular guys in the dressing room?
Blake Wheeler: True... because if you don't like Thorty he will beat you up.
m4n: Do you get annoyed of being asked hte same questions over and over in interviews?
Blake Wheeler: Yeah it can get redundant sometimes, but that's why these chats with the fans are cool because there's a lot of unique questions that I dont get asked everyday.
Blake Wheeler: for instance, if I like the nickname "Big Daddy Wheels"
the_ref: Thanks everyone! Come back to chat with David Krejci on February 25th!
Blake Wheeler: Thanks everyone... peace out.\
the_ref: Big Daddy Wheels has left the building...Goodnight everyone.


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