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by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Just wondering, does anyone know if Champ is real? Does he/she exist? Has Champ been seen recently? Is Champ alone, or are there a few Champs? In the cold Vermont winter, does Champ do some kind of water hibernation? What does Champ think of the stiffer immigration policies? Does he/she like the New York or Vermont water better? What is Champ short for? Is Champ fast? Did he win a race? Does Champ enjoy the fall foliage? Has anyone snagged Champ with an errant fishing lure? If so, how strong was the test? Can Champ speak French? Maybe Champ is French and would like its name to be pronounced Chaampe? Can he/she swim backwards? Who does Champ cheer for, the Sox or the Yankees? Does he/she think Lake Champlaine got hosed and should be a Great Lake instead of merely a really good one? Does he/she think that the students of UVM should file a petition to change the school mascot? Why is Champ so elusive?

* Editor’s note: Champ is the legendary lake monster living in Lake Champlaine
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