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Celebrate the Chief

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
To start Chief’s day, here’s a very random sampling of quotes I’ve collected on John Bucyk:

I just think it’s an honor to be a Boston Bruin, to wear the jersey, and see a guy of his stature being honored in this fashion. I think that there is no greater tribute to a player than to be honored like this. He’s an amazing man and he’s had an amazing career. And he has amazing loyalty. And he is still with us…it’s a tough job he does with us now. He’s organized and he likes doing it. There are headaches (for him) at times with ticket requests and restaurants and flight cancellations and delays and bus drivers getting lost…he takes personal responsibility for it. And that’s the type of player he was… He does more things than I have ever seen anybody do, with the stature that he has. He’s a tremendous man, with tremendous character. He’s a better man than he was a player -- and he’s a Hockey Hall of Famer. So that tells you something about him.
Dave Lewis, Head Coach

Chief has been a steady hand for the Bruins players and the entire organization. He has always been very protective of each and every player that has ever pulled on that jersey. He considered it a privilege to have played for the Bruins and I know that he gets (upset) when he hears rumors about players not wanting to play here. The guy is like a loyal big brother. He does like things done a particular way, but I think that comes from the fact that he has been the ONE doing it for 50 years!!!
Don Sweeney, Director of Player Development, Bruins Alum

I always get a kick out of when Chief is helping out younger players with tickets or hotel rooms and you wonder if the player has any idea that a Hall of Famer is the one running around making sure that player is taking care of. It says a lot about Chief that 50 years later he is still doing his part to make sure everyone is being looked after.
Jeff Gorton, Assistant General Manager

John Bucyk has been such an integral part of this organization during my 34 years here in his role as a player, commentator and traveling secretary. His on-ice efforts as one of the premier left-wingers of all-time in the NHL are only a part of the legend. Fans got to listen to his crisp analysis on radio for many years. Players who respected and admired him as a teammate soon got to know him as the go to guy for everything.
Nate Greenberg, Senior Assistant to the President

Chief really helped make my adjustment to working for the Bruins such an easy transition. He is the type of person who really cares about the people around him. I can’t say enough about the way Chief has treated not just me, but everyone else around him. He means so much to the Boston Bruins organization and to the local community. Chief has always been tireless in his efforts to raise money for children’s charities. He is truly one of the greats, both on and off the ice.
Ryan Nadeau, Manager of Hockey Administration

He’s been here for 50 years. That’s unbelievable. He was here when I came in and he’s always helpful, whenever you need anything, you just go to Chief and he helps you out…he’s a great guy to have around. He knows the game and helps us a lot. I never saw him play live, but I’ve seen tapes and he was a tremendous player. It’s just an honor to have him around.
P.J. Axelsson, Forward

Chief’s been awesome for me. Last year it was great. On the plane, I played a lot of cards with him and stuff like that. It was just good to get to sit there and really talk to him. It was exciting for me, every day, to be able to go on the plane and be able to see him and joke with him and sit down with a living legend. A guy like Chief, who has been in this organization for 50 years, he’s the face of this organization and he deserves everything he’s got.
Brad Boyes, Forward

He’s been around for 50 years and he’s a class act. I mean, he is one of the nicest people you’ll meet and he’ll do anything for you. It’s a special day for him and its special for the Bruins organization because he means so much to us…He was a Stanley Cup Champion here in Boston and he knows what the city was like when they won it. So he tries to emphasize that with us -- if we can win, there’s no better place to play and he’s a prime example of that. People love him all around the city.
Marc Savard, Forward

It’s going to be an exciting night for Chief…He’s awesome. He fits in and you’d never know what he’s done. Everyone knows because we are all hockey fans and we know he’s "Chief" and we know that he’s a legend. He’s been with the organization for 50 years and he’s won Cups…he’s up there in all the stat counts and records. And he just does everything for the guys. He’s unbelievable and he’s funny. He’s not afraid to give it to the guys and the guys love it. They love him.
Shean Donovan, Forward
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