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B's Must Focus on the Ice

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
Prague, Czech Republic -- Following their first practice in the Czech Republic, Boston Bruins head coach Claude Julien set the tone for the Prague portion of the Black & Gold's European Tour.

Asked about the reception for Zdeno Chara and David Krejci, Julien said, "I don’t think we want to make too much of that.

"We might want to make a lot of the reason that we’re here -- and that’s hockey.

"We got here yesterday with a day off, and it was nice to walk around the city. It’s a beautiful city here in Prague and I think I’ve been here in 1997 and, you know, in just 13 years it’s changed so much, and it’s getting better all the time, so I really like that.

"But I think getting here this morning and getting back on the ice is the best thing for us," added Julien. "We feel like we need to get ourselves ready for the regular season and we’ve got this week to take it seriously."

Julien spoke about Monday's practice and said he liked what he saw from his Bruins.

"Yeah, I mean, we did a lot of things," said Julien. "We made some small adjustments to our game and are hoping that we’ll be able to create a little more speed in neutral zone. We want to try and find ways to get better offensively.

"Our team has always been pretty good defensively over the course of the few years that I’ve been here," continued the B's bench boss. "Now it’s a matter of how do we tweak the other part of our game and we are really working toward doing that [while] staying within the concept of the team and what we are looking for [team-wise].

"So, you know, that’s what we have here this week to work on."

And as far as the hoopla surrounding the return of Chara and Krejci, Julien said he understood, but...

"Yeah, I mean, it’s a natural thing, you know," said Julien. "I go back to Ottawa as a coach and because you’re from that town, it’s always a little bit special, so I can imagine what it’s like for those guys who don’t get that chance to...come back to their home turf [that often] and see friends and then be able to play in front of them.

"So I’m sure they’re excited about it, and hopefully they take that excitement and turn it into a real positive...where they’ll turn it into some of the best hockey."
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