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Bruins Say the Effort is There

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
St. Louis, MO -- The B's woke up Monday morning scratching their heads, wondering how their 48-shot effort went for naught on Sunday afternoon in St. Paul.

But there was one thing that forward Shawn Thornton was certain about: no matter the final score, the B's effort was there against the Wild.

"Yeah I think so," said Thornton. "The efforts there, we’re just not executing and putting pucks in the net.

"It's not for lack of effort, you can see everyone’s trying, maybe trying too hard.

"We’ll work our way out of this as we always do, it’s taking a little bit longer than we’d like for sure," he said.

And yesterday's day off was a welcome break for a team that has taken their recent struggles very hard.

"Yeah no practice or anything, we’re flying to St. Louis so we can relax and get away form it for a bit which would be nice," said Thornton.

Defenseman Dennis Seidenberg agreed.

"Nobody likes losing and everybody hates thinking about the games you played in the past," he said. "It’s just not the way we want to play.

"But today its good to relax and shut off from hockey and try to regroup. We’ll get back to work tomorrow and hopefully get back to where we want to be and how we want to play."

There was a certain amount of anger to the B's voices after the club's setback in Winnipeg, but in Minnesota the Bruins sounded frustrated and Thornton was asked about the different reactions.

"In Winnipeg we weren’t doing anything well," said Thornton. "we weren’t making passes – we couldn’t make a three-foot pass. We couldn’t put pucks where we needed.

"I think [Sunday] we controlled the pace of play, but we didn’t score goals and they did.

"We didn’t get the result we wanted, but I think last night was more frustration because we put in the effort but didn’t get results," he said.

However, the Bruins are doing their best to remain positive.

"Yeah you know it’s tough, but in the end you got to just keep going and believe in yourselves," said forward David Krejci. "If you believe in your teammates and believe in your team, eventually things are going to turn around and its going to go [the team's] way again.

"we are in some tough times right now," continued Krejci. "But we’ve been talking about it and we’ve been trying to make it work again. But it’s not easy.

"Our effort is there lately, but we can’t find a way to put the puck in the net. I’m sure things will turn around and we’re going to start winning hockey games and everybody is going to play well again."
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