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Bruins Notebook: 3.10.10

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
Hockey happened, too...

Far from the bustle and controversy and worry that have plagued the Bruins over the last few days, and after dressing at the Wachovia Center (occupied and hosting the Sixers vs. Bobcats basketball game tonight), the Black & Gold traveled across town in full gear (minus skates) and practiced in the small rink run by the University of Pennsylvania.

The arena, which resembled Harvard's Bright Hockey Center, gave the B's a mostly solitary environment to work through the issues that have ailed the club and the respite.

"We have to be probably as proactive as we can be," said Bruins head coach Claude Julien. "I thought yesterday our forecheck was a little better, and more aggressive and we got some chances from that.

"Again, it’s just those little mistakes that keep getting us in trouble, and we just got to keep cutting down on those. That’s where pretty much every team is at this stage of the year, is minimizing those costly mistakes.

"Yesterday we lost that extra point from, maybe not so much a mistake as it is a second effort. Really trying to cut that pass off and it ended up in our net. Those are the kind of things that you hope the breaks are going to start going your way in these kind of games.

Julien admitted what everyone who has watched the last couple of games had already understood.

"This team really needs something good to happen to it," said Julien. "Maybe in these next couple of games, which we know are pretty huge, are going to be things that are going to work in our favor."

Seidenberg Happy to Be a Bruin
One of the recent positives for the Bruins has been the play of new defenseman Dennis Seidenberg.

Of his transition to Boston, Seidenberg said, "It's easy.

"I came in, they’re all nice. It’s easy to get used to the guys," said Seidenberg. "And it’s been a pretty easy adjustment.

"So it’s been good."

And hearing German now and then doesn't hurt either as Seidenberg joined his fellow Team Germany Olympic teammate Marco Sturm on the Bruins.

"It’s the first time I’ve got a German guy playing on the same team with me," he said. "Speaking German once in a while definitely is nice."

Not so nice has been the string of bad luck that has befallen the B's -- Marc Savard's concussion, Zdeno Chara's injury and the unlucky play that gave the Toronto Maple Leafs an extra point on Tuesday.

"It wasn’t fun," said Seidenberg of the B's loss to T.O. "We were up three times and we couldn’t keep the lead. In the end, they got the winning goal.

Losing’s always no fun, no matter against who, so we have to play better next game..,.and we really want to get back on track and try to solidify our position in the top eight [and] just get back on the winning track.

"We've got 17 or 18 games left, so we hold [control of] our own destiny. We got to win games, that’s the main thing, and we've got to start tomorrow," he said.

Coach Julien said that Zdeno Chara was day-to-day after missing Tuesday's game and Wednesday's practice. Seidenberg was asked if there were any extra pressure on him with #33 out of the lineup.

"Losing Zee’s always tough," said Seidenberg. "He’s playing 26 minutes a game or more, so if you lose a guys like that, you always have to have guys step up.

"There’s a little more pressure, but you still got to play your same game, and play good defensively.

"It doesn’t really matter who’s playing and who’s not, you just still have to do the same job," he said.

It was Bergy!
Patrice Bergeron was surprised to find out that he was the "mastermind" behind the disappearance of one of good friend Sidney Crosby's hockey gloves -- the mitt that Sid the Kid wore when the Penguins superstar beat Buffalo/Team USA goalie Ryan Miller to take the gold for Canada at last month's Olympic Winter games in Vancouver.

In a statement released this afternoon by Hockey Canada, it was explained that after Canada’s 3-2 overtime victory over the United States in the men’s hockey Olympic gold medal game on February 28, the game stick and one of the gloves went missing in the process of packing and shipping team and player equipment.

Here is where Bergeron or, er, Bergeron's bag comes into play.

"It was never [my intent] to steal it," said Bergeron with a big laugh and smile. "So I’m just happy Sid’s got his glove.

"I had no clue."

Nobody did. Until someone thought to check sort through Bergeron's Team Canada gear.

"They lost my bag at the airport, so I didn’t bring it back with me," said Bergeron. "So [Boston Bruins assistant equipment manager] Matty Falconer went and got it at the airport the next day or something like that. I never looked in it, and he just took all the Team Canada stuff aside and he kept my Bruins stuff and he brought it to the rink.

"So that’s why I never had a chance to look if it was in there. Once kind of Matty looked back, he said, ‘There’s a leather glove in there,’ and I use nylon.

"And now today, I told his dad, Matty’s dad, to go look again and it was actually Sid’s."

Bergeron jokingly said he'd be happy to split the reward.

"Yeah, I was thinking about the reward this morning. I mean, 10 grand, I’ll just take half. I got one glove, so that’s worth at least, what, five grand? $2500, at least," said Bergeron with a smile.

It was suggested that maybe Reebok could donate the reward to his Patrice's Pals program and the center smiled widely.

"Yeah exactly, that’s fine with me," he said.
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