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Bruins: Game On…

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Howdy Bruins nation!!!

Can you believe that the big day is already here?

To me, it’s kind’ve like Christmas or a birthday – we’ve hoped for something nice inside the box, there is a lot of expectation, but we just can’t be sure until it’s opened.

Yah, I am stretching it, but I can’t wait for the Boston Bruins season to be here, finally.

I am not worried about the Bruins, by the way. The Boys will come through this year, I can feel it.

I was wondering about how many other people will be sitting down in their living rooms tonight watching the B’s on NESN.

Too bad we all couldn’t get together…but then that would be a home game, wouldn’t it.

The first home game on October 19 is coming soon, too, thank goodness.

Some housekeeping…
Many of you have written some wonderful things to me through the blog message link.

If I have not gotten back to you, please know that this was my first week doing this full time, so things have gone much faster than I ever imagined.

And I am not sure I will EVER catch up with my mail.

However: Know this, the positive feedback has really helped me along, so “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart.

I really appreciate it.

Seriously. I hope I can live up to your expectations throughout the upcoming season. I am having a blast and I hope that it is showing in my words and works.

Moving on, many of you have also asked me about Alexei Zhamnov.

Zhamnov was on long-term injury exception last year and has been placed in that exemption for this year.

In a conference call with through the NHL, General Manager Peter Chiarelli, explained his status this way:

“When you place a guy on long-term injury exception, his amount of salary basically gets taken off of the cap.”

So, that is the answer.

Alexei has not been on the ice since he failed his physical earlier during training camp.

Lastly, many fans have been kind enough to offer pictures of various practices and games to augment our growing picture file.

Unfortunately, and I just checked about this, we have to use officially licensed photogs.

Sorry about that.

Have I mentioned how much I love hockey…
By the way folks, does anyone else have NHL Center Ice? I have had it for three consecutive seasons and could not get through the winter without it. NESN combined with the Center Ice package keeps me knee deep in pux for several months.

And one more thing…
I wrote a season preview of sorts, by the way. Click here to read...

Let’s Go Bruins!
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