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Bruins by the Numbers: 44

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins -- When I spoke to him in August, newly re-signed Boston Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenbeg repeated his early summer sentiments that re-upping with the Black & Gold on June 5th was an easy decision.

"When I first got here, I think my transition was pretty smooth," said Seidenberg. "I had fun playing on the team...and I think a sold out arena every night just made it really easy for me."

I asked Dennis what, in particular, made his tansition so easy, and Seidenberg said, "Everything!"

"The guys were great when I first got there and also the coaches," said Dennis.

"The system was pretty easy to get adjusted to.

"It’s just nice to come to a place where you’re welcome and everyone’s nice," added Seidenberg, before he turned the conversation to the city of Boston, itself.

"I think the city is very comparable to European cities," said Seidenberg. "And I think Boston is a really hockey rich city.

"Every player wants to be a part of that, especially now, with the way the [Bruins are] built."

Seidenberg is just the latest Bruin to look at the roster and see lots of potential.

"There's a lot of young guys with a lot of talent and older more experienced guys that can lead the way," he said. "It makes us, I think, a really dangerously good team for the upcoming season."

Some of the young guys Seidenberg mentioned come in carrying the extra burden of very high expectations and I asked the veteran blueliner what advice he might give to the B's top draft pick Tyler Seguin about his entering the world of the NHL.

"It’s a tough question," said Seidenberg. "I guess you should just try to have fun, because when you play your first season you tend to get too focused on how much you're playing or if [something] doesn’t really work out [the way you planned]

"You're worried maybe a little bit [to much].

"Just don’t get caught up [on those things and he should] just keep focusing on what got him there."

A whole season of working in Black & Gold is very exciting to Seidenberg and his once and future teammate, Nathan Horton. Seidenberg said that he had been in contact with Nate and that both former Florida Panthers are sharply focused on 2010-11 representing a clean slate -- or a clean sheet of ice.

"Me, personally, I'm very excited to get a fresh start," said Seidenberg. "When I talk to Nathan [Horton] -- I've been hanging out with him quite a bit this summer -- He’s so excited.

"He can't wait to play for a hockey rich team...and he’s really excited to get going."

3 time Olympian for Germany (2002, 2006, 2010)
5 NHL teams (Philadelphia, Phoenix, Carolina, Florida and Boston)
6'1 height
17 games with the Bruins
18 NHL goals
22:44 average time on ice in 2009-10
28 assists in 2009-10 (career high)
32 points in 2009-10 (career high)
44 sweater number in Boston
98 NHL assists
116 NHL points
172nd  overall draft pick (6th Round) in 2001
210 pounds
215 pblocked shots in 2009-10 (led league)." -Seidenberg by the Numbers
Both men appreciated their time in Florida, but the allure of an Original Six, hockey-mad city makes Boston very appealing.

"I started in Philadelphia so that was a pretty good hockey town, too," said Dennis. "Then I went to cities where hockey wasn’t as popular.

"You just don’t appreciate how good you have it when you play in the cities like [Philadelphia or Boston]...or play in front of a sold out arena.

"It makes a big difference, so I think that’s the most fun thing about playing in a hockey town."

Seidenberg also remarked that the end of 2009-10 has everyone in Black & Gold ready for the season-opening European trip.

"It definitely helps us to come together quicker," he said of the European trip. "I mean we’re together for two weeks or ten days so it definitely helps in that way.

"The only thing is the time change and a lot of travel might not be the best, but I'm sure we’ll get over that quickly."

However, nobody got over the loss to the Flyers with any great expediency.

"Nobody wanted to have the season end like it did last year," said Dennis. "We just want to get it right this time, I guess.

"We want to have the same chance we did last year but this time we have to do it better and keep going as far as possible."
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