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Breaks and Bounces

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Asked if his club is a victim of bad "puck" luck, Bruins head coach Dave Lewis thought about the question for a second before answering.

"Puck luck or pot luck?" joked Coach, before asking. "You mean breaks and bounces?"

"Sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t.

"Why did Bergy’s shot hit the post and not go in. I don’t have an answer for that. It’s just the way it is. It’s Mother Nature."

No matter the reason, pucks have not been going into the opposing net for the Bruins. However, Lewis insists that it is not because of a lack of intensity.

"It’s hard to explain," said Coach, who stated that the B’s were intensely into the game on Thursday. "Sometimes the bench is quiet, sometimes it is lively. (Thursday) was lively.

"And it didn’t go away the whole game. And maybe it intensified in the third, but it didn’t go away."

Unfortunately, the Bruins have played other teams fighting to maintain or garner a playoff spot, so the intensity was there for both sides.

"The teams were working hard (and) the scoring chances were equal," explained Lewis. "We hadn’t played each other, so (each of the Bruins) were trying to figure out, as a player, who (they) were playing against and how they play."

Unfortunately for Boston, it doesn’t get any easier today. Though out of the playoff hunt, Philadelphia will not be rolling over for anyone anytime soon.

And backup goalie Joey MacDonald will have to deal with their recent surge by the Flyers, who have taken points out of four of the last five games.

"He’s looked good in practice," said Lewis. "And like I’ve said before, we got him to play games.

"Timmy’s going to enjoy the rest."

That’s especially so, since in the last game between the two Eastern Conference squads, the Flyers exploded for 55 shots on Thomas.

"We’ll see what happens tomorrow…since they left us (Philadelphia’s been averaging) 40-plus shots, maybe higher."

Good luck with that Joey.

Go Bruins!
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