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Break time

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Gonna be a short one here today, my friends, as I have to catch up on some chores and sleep. And yes, there is always the dreaded Sunday afternoon trip to the grocery store with the General.


Oh, and there are couple of big football games this afternoon, too.

As many of the Bruins have said, the break is coming at the right time.

Just 3-6-1 in their last ten, Boston will look to come out of the All-Star festivities with a mind toward regaining some of the momentum the club had earlier in the season.

And with the B’s just two points out of 14th and two points out of 8th, our home town team needs to get on an upwardly mobile streak, and fast -- the division is just that tight.

The schedule does not help, as the Bruins will make up the one to four games they have in hand on the rest of the conference during a whirlwind last few months of the 2006-07 campaign -- and many of those contests are four point match ups.

That is why goalie Hannu Toivonen’s performance over the last two games (last night especially) should make people wearing Black & Gold smile.

It now seems certain that Our Boys have two pretty good goalies ready to go for the stretch run. There’s no doubt, each of this pair of friends, will push each other to compete at still higher levels of play.

And the break will also allow this team to heal -- physically and mentally.

Injuries to Jason York and Wayne Primeau should be just about forgotten by the team returns to the ice next Saturday at 3:00 and if the two veterans are not able to go next weekend, chances are that they will return to action soon afterward.

There are also nagging "ouchies" lingering in and about the room -- just like on every other hockey squad on the planet. The time off gives those annoying little injuries time to go the way of the Dodo, too.

Here’s hoping that a Phil "The Thrill" Kessel has a terrific YoungStars game and that Zdeno "Big Z" Chara is a big hit at the All-Star game. But let’s hope even harder that both players come back to Boston healthy and rested.

In and about the room
"Hopefully we can regroup and recharge and come on strong after the break. It’s perfect timing…I thought we did a pretty good job with them, but [the spark] wasn’t there at the right time. Sometimes it’s there, and tonight it wasn’t. It was just a tough night."
Bruins Captain, Zdeno Chara, on the break and penalty kills

"Those kinds of things happen in games. It was just one of those days where we didn’t get any breaks. Tough one, but overall we tried really hard and it was just one of those tough days…It’s fun to play. It’s nice to get into a rhythm, but you can’t worry about anything except doing the job for your team. You can’t over think it too much. All you can do is go out there and play the game. They were two pretty good games, but I have a lot of work to do. You just have to keep going at it everyday, and now we have a couple days off to relax and get our minds off of it."
Goalie, Hannu Toivonen, on the shutout and starting back-to-back games

"Hannu was the bright star of the game. He kept us in and gave us a chance to get back and get even with three minutes to go…I thought Hannu proved himself to himself and his teammates. And that was important. The guys were cheering him on, they knew he was the biggest reason we were where we were."
Head Coach, Dave Lewis, on Hannu Toivonen

"I don’t think (Alberts) should have been thrown out of the game by any means. The one that bothered me was [Christoph Schubert] hitting Paul Mara and cross-checking him from behind into the boards. I thought that was a lot more severe than Albert’s…(As far as Mara) sometimes players think self-preservation first and hits like that can injure a player severely and possibly end a career. As a player, that’s what you think immediately.
Lewis, on Andrew Alberts and Paul Mara

"We’ve been inconsistent. You don’t evaluate on one performance, on one night. We have to get back to giving ourselves chances to win…We have to continue to get better at playing tighter, because now everyone is going to be playing tighter. We have to make sure we capitalize on power plays, we kill penalties, we don’t turn over the puck and we do things that are important. We haven’t had that consistency."
Lewis, on the Bruins
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