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Boston Looks to Continue Streak

by Dyan LeBourdais / Boston Bruins
The Boston Bruins enter Wednesday night’s game versus the Minnesota Wild on a three-game win streak – their first of the season.

And Bruins Head Coach Claude Julien is looking into what this means for the Boston-based team in the long run.

“I think to get a four-game winning streak [would be] nice, especially on the road and having tough buildings to go into,” said Julien. “But at the same time we’re looking a little bit further than that and what it means for us as far as moving up in the standings and getting our team back to what we wanted it to be at the beginning of the year.

“We kind of had a slow start here so we’re trying to make up some ground I guess for that getting on a streak will certainly help us get there.”

Although the players seem to be starting to gel and the bounces have begun to come in Boston’s favor, B’s defenseman Derek Morris also has something to say about the recent road streak.

“I don’t think that we have anything to be overconfident [about] to start with,” said Morris. “We’re just finally starting to play the hockey we want to play. We realize what we’re doing to get there but we don’t by any means think that we’re sitting in first place or we’re automatically in a playoff spot right now.

“We’re playing good hockey, which is fun to see and we’re enjoying ourselves, but we also know what we have to do every night.”

No doubt the slow start to the season startled the fans in the Hub of Hockey, but it has also irked the players as much or more.

“Well guys take everything so personally. We do. We don’t want to lose,” explained Morris. “We’re not going out there trying to lose. We’re not going out there trying to not put a good effort in.

“We get frustrated at times and you get squeeze in your stick a little bit, but in the dressing room here, everybody’s realizing things are starting to work and it’s coming around and we’re a little bit looser because of it.

“And maybe just a little bit more energetic,” added Morris.

The recent twist has no doubt been due to the Bruins hard work, but with Milan Lucic and Marc Savard back in the lineup, there is definitely a little extra jump in these B’s step.

“The main thing is that I’m just happy to be back and the excitement of being back and having fun out there again and I think that’s what really gets you going and gets you in the game more than anything,” said Lucic.

“It’s easy to go and get all crazy, go wild and do whatever you want, but there’s a high risk of re-hurting yourself. So for me it’s just being smart,” he continued. “I mean I was just out there making clean hits and doing what I do so it’s not going to change the way I play at all.”

Lucic’s been back for the last three games and he’s already scored two goals – evidence that his month off wasn’t really a month off. He worked hard on improving his game.

“I think the big thing was we did a lot of conditioning and skating and all that type of stuff to make sure that I was at the best I could be so when I came back that wasn’t an issue,” said the forward.

“So that’s helped me kind of get back in the feel of things and I’ve been able to move my feet a lot quicker and get up ice quicker.”

The recent success of the Bruins hasn’t come without a bit of a struggle and the turnaround has a lot to do with Boston’s healthy players as well.

“Well Bergy kept us in the running the whole way. When we lost Savvy, [Bergeron] was playing amazing,” said Morris.

“Tuukka’s came in and had a real big test,” added Morris. “[He’s] come in and played well… he’s one of those guys that just goes in there, does his business, he’s very professional every single day and… he wants to make a difference every single night.

“He doesn’t want to just play the game. We can all go out there and just play the game and [Bergeron and Rask] want to make a difference every night.”

Morris also spoke about the work ethic of the other half of his defensive pair – Zdeno Chara.

”Every single day he’s working on something,” said Morris. “He could easily go out there and have a day off and just relax and the next day, get back at it, but every single day he’s working on either shooting it or good stick or positioning.

“He’s always doing something in practice that we watch and we learn from and hopefully we’ll all get better because he’s getting better.”
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