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Boston is Ready for Philadelphia

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
BOSTON -- During  a brisk afternoon press conference between his club's victory over Montreal in Round 1 and the B's leaving for Philadelphia for Round 2, Boston Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli was asked if the Black & Gold relished a rematch with the Flyers.

"I do, of course. I think the players do," said Chiarelli. "Claude [Julien], I think he mentioned it to them at one point prior to the game, that here’s a chance, one chance to redeem yourselves.

"It’s fitting that we’re playing them" he said.

Obviously, the fate of the 2009-10 Boston Bruins is well known, but the current edition is determined to change fans' perceptions of the Boston vs. Philadelphia rivalry.

However, Chiarelli said he didn't believe that Round 2 versus Philly would look like Round 1 versus the Habs.

"Well they're bigger, first and foremost," when asked to compare and contrast the Flyers and the Canadiens. "I think that's a huge difference." - Peter Chiarelli
"Well they’re bigger, first and foremost," said Chiarelli when asked to compare and contrast the Flyers and the Canadiens. "I think that’s a huge difference.

"These guys don’t stretch the ice as much, but they can go to the weak side a lot in their neutral zone, and they’re coming in rushes.

"They’re [more] North-South, they’re like us to a certain degree. They've got skill players, they’ve got some heavy players and obviously there’s more similarities between us and them than there are between us and Montreal," he said.

Chiarelli also pointed out that there are differences between this Bruins team and the team that let a 3-0 series lead slip away last season.

"There’s an interesting note, I believe in Game 7 of last year, there were nine players in that game that are on...our roster now," said Chiarelli. "So, there’s been over half the team that’s turned over.

"But definitely the core players also lived through that, so you’d have to ask them.

"It’s been a consistent theme this year."

But there are plenty of Bruins who don't carry the memory of the series loss to Philadelphia and Chiarelli said that could help.
"It wasn’t the sole driving force of the player moves that we did. You look at the season, you look at the playoffs, you look at where you want to be and what you need," said Chiarelli. "But certainly you look at some performances in that series and you place a certain amount of weight on those performances and then you make your decisions.

"Maybe subconsciously [but] maybe it was driving us," added Chiarelli. "So, we’ll see how the new 13, or new 11 perform in this next series."

That said, Chiarelli noted that there were very positive signs during Round 1 2011.

"That might be it," said of the Bruins poise versus Montreal. "We stressed it going into this series. You see this quiet confidence and you try and bottle that and have them do it and display it.

"And listen, this was a tightly fought series and it could have gone either way. And I got to give credit to Montreal because they just kept coming. But having said that, we earned three overtime games and we won those three. So those are, that’s like the highest pressure point in playoffs, and we managed to win those three...and then I saw times when we had some defensive breakdowns, I saw [the Bruins] settle it. I saw them settle it and not panic.

"But it’s not that we didn’t panic all, or some of the time, but we just settled the pucks down and we made the right pass...and then we broke out fine.

"So I just saw that growing a bit as the series went on," added Chiarelli. "And you look to have that, and I hope we continue to have that."
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