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Boston Bruins for a Day

by Angela Latona / Boston Bruins
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Boston, MA -
Carter is 11 years old and doesn’t play hockey, but he sure knows a thing or two about the sport and the team he loves.

“I like Zdeno Chara and Milan Lucic because they’re energetic and they don’t really give up,” he said while skating around the TD Banknorth Garden. “I asked Lucic how it felt to score his first NHL goal. He said he couldn’t believe it and was just, it was so amazing, he said it was like a big weight lifted off his shoulders.”

Carter, along with dozens of other season ticket holder children, took to the ice yesterday and felt what it was like to be a Boston Bruins player. The kids, all of whom knew an adult who had opted into a family season ticket holder benefit package, also got a chance to ask questions of some of their favorite Bruin’s players.

“It’s nice to communicate with the children and our children fanbase, so it’s great that we do things like this,” Lucic said after answering a round of questions. “As a kid growing up, for me, this was such a cool thing. You were always looking up to the NHL teams, so it’s a real cool experience for them I bet.”

The kids listened in to a "Chalk Talk" with Milan Lucic and Marco Sturm. Click the picture for a photo gallery.
Kids Say the Darndest Things!
A collection of Quotes from "Be a Bruin" Day

"I don't know . . . cause I have him on my back."
- Shane, 5, on why Zdeno Chara is his favorite Bruins

 "Cause he's really good at fighting."
-Shane on why he likes Milan Lucic

"Because he's tall"
-General comments on Chara and why is a favorite

"How'd you get so tall?"
-A question one fan wished he could ask of Chara

"Usually 13 [goals]. No, no, no, no. Like, it's different than ice hockey...Sometimes it's, we only have 3 people. [My dad] sometimes plays so then theres like two people on one team and then one person and another."
-Jack, 7, on why he and brother Eliot, 5, are good hockey players

"I hope so!"
-Dylan, 13, on the his prospects of becoming a Bruin

"I've had this shirt since I was eight so it's pretty small."
-Olivia, 13, on why her signature-filled jersey is so small
Lucic and fellow forward Marco Sturm entertained questions from two sets of inquisitive children, signed autographs and took pictures with the so-called ‘rookies.’

And boy, kids sure do say the darnedest things.

With comments ranging from a love for Chara because, “he’s tall,” to a desire to ask him “how’d you get so tall,” the youngsters were at no loss for words…well, most of the time.

“Sometimes the children are shy and you just want to make them feel comfortable and what not,” Lucic said. “When you see that look in their eyes and that they’re so excited to see you it just puts a smile on our faces.”

To be sure, there were plenty of smiles to go around.

“I like all of the Bruins,” Olivia, of Middleton, said. “I like [forward Phil] Kessel. He’s fast; he scores a lot. He’s a good player.”

Olivia, 13, who used to play hockey, was beaming from ear to ear as she proudly displayed her signature-filled jersey.

“I’ve had this shirt since I was eight, so it’s pretty small,” she said, explaining why the sleeves only fall mid-forearm.

Shane, who is “5 and one-half” years old, also explained his choice of attire. Turning around and pointing to the name on the back of his jersey, Shane explained why Chara is his favorite Bruin.

"I don't know…cause I have him on my back.”

During the question-and-answer session, Dylan, 13, asked when the two NHLers started their hockey careers.

“They were four years old,” he said, explaining that he also started at that age and expressed his desire to someday be a member of the Black & Gold. “I hope so!”

Once the skate was finished, the mini rookies filed into Legends, one of TD Banknorth Garden’s restaurants and frequently the home to press conferences for the Bruins, the Beanpot and the Hockey East Tournament. The children answered questions from the “media.”

Seated four at a time, parents and faux-media personnel took turns asking how it felt to skate on the Bruin’s rink and meet the players up close.

“If I could’ve done this [when I was young], it would’ve been unbelievable,” Sturm said. “It’s great having the kids…Today there were some good ones [questions], too, like ‘what do you do between periods?’ and stuff like that. I probably would never ask a guy what he would do, like little things. That’s how you know how they love the game; how they love hockey.”

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