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Boston Bruins Development Camp: Day 2

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
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John Bishop is the beat writer for He covers the Black & Gold hoping to offer a positive look at the team, not only from the stands and the press box, but also from inside the locker room.
Early Update
Wednesday turned out to be a very busy day in the land of the spoked-B.

The new B’s were on the ice way before 9:00 a.m. for their first on-ice session of camp.

Providence head coach Scott Gordon and his assistant Rob Murray were joined by skating instructor Paul Vincent and Don Sweeney.

At noon the group was scheduled to head to Fenway Park to take in the Red Sox game. Joe Colborne and Blake Wheeler are scheduled to appear on the NESN pregame show and Peter Chiarelli is set to join Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy on air in the top of the third.

Here’s a breakdown of the action from our crack intern squad:
Click the pick for an interview with Levi Nelson and Brad Marchand. Click here here to listen to Levi talk about Day 2.
8:15 a.m. -- Manny, Patrice, Blake “Wheels” Wheeler, and Kevin Regan hit the ice, running shooting drills with Coach Rob Murray.
8:51 -- Levi Nelson comes out on the ice – no surprise there, he is always the first one on and last one off!
8:52 – Adam Courchaine went between the pipes.
8:53 – Zach Hamill, Brad Marchand, Maxime Suave, Jordan Knackstedt, Jamie Arniel
8:54 – Joe Colborne, Mark Goggin
8:55 – Mike Hutchinson, Matt Read, Nick Tremblay
8:56 – Connor Goggin, Adam McQuaid, Mikko Lehtonen
8:57 – Alain Goulet
8:58 – Don Sweeney steps on the ice with Matt Marquardt, Denis Ruel, Jeff Penner, And
y Bodnarchuk and Joe Loprieno and they don’t waste any time getting things started.
9:02 – A warm-up skates around the rink
9:05 – Everyone takes a knee to hear instructions for the first warm-up drill. The players skate to the far blue line, loop around the other blue line, skate into the far zone and shoot
9:08 – Cam Neely makes his appearance into the section of Bruins Brass, joining GM Peter Chiarelli and head coach Claude Julien.
9:10 – Mike Hutchinson looks good in the warm-ups.
9:15 – McQuaid leads the group in stretches
9:20 – 2nd drill: pass to the D at center ice, they receive the pass back on the blue line, skate it in and shoot. More skating/shooting drills continue for the next half hour or so…
9:45 – The forwards and defense split to work on separate drills.
10:00 – Everyone to the locker room as the Zamboni cleans the ice.

Yes, that was very detailed, but now you know what is going on – plenty of action, for those of you who have debated coming in to see the show.

Camp Roster Printable Version
 View or download a printable version of the roster. (PDF: 71k)
Early Afternoon update
The new B's are at the game after leaving ristuccia shortly after noon. But before they left there was plenty more to report.

10:20 a.m.  --  Everyone was back out on the ice and working hard after a short break.
10:35 -- The squad broke into 3v2 scrimmage drills. It’s was very fun to see Patrice out there with the rookies. Althoug he is nearly the same age as many of the skaters, it was not hard to tell that he is a seasoned veteran.
10:50 -- The guys set to work on the boards. Marchand is the first guy to hit Patrice up against the half wall. Clearly, Bergy couldn’t be happier! Meanwhile, the goalies get some one-on-one time with Essensa
11:00 -- Patrice leads the group in cool down stretches and then the players all head to the locker room for a quick media availability and a bus to the game.

Manny Fernandez on Day 2.
After practice, Manny Fernandez spoke to the media:
On how the morning skate felt…
“First, today was two hours of practice which is more than I am used to back home. It is early July, and I was going out there for a long time. More guys and more work – that’s what I was thinking. It is an unbelievable (opportunity) for me to get this in early July and get my body started for the hard two months that are left of summer to get ready for camp. So this is a great way just to break the ice and get to work.”

On how it felt to be practicing again…
“I was doing a little bit of practice at the end of the season, but it feels good. But to get a full squad out there and to move around, and do a lot of the three-on-none and three-on-two, game situations feels good. It is going to be hard work and it is going to take full concentration to get through it.”

On being a leader for the younger three goaltenders…
“We are getting to know each other. Bob (Essensa) is out there to point us in the right direction, that is his job, but if they approach me and they want advice, I am obviously going to give it to them. These guys are the future of the organization, so we want to take care of them. Hopefully, I can show them the way and get some hard work going out there and show them that that is what it is all about.”

2:54 p.m.
I just got a transcript from Don Sweeney's talk with the media:
On Patrice Bergeron’s progress and status…
"Patrice looks really good.  I was talking to him about how he feels in general and  you can just tell he’s anxious to be on the ice and working hard. He’s kind of putting himself through his paces and tests at a much earlier stage than he probably would normally do."

On Bergeron and Manny Fernandez’s appearance at Development Camp…
"I think that every young kid here is probably looking up to both of those guys and realizing that that’s the guy I want to play with.  You cant trade that for anything; to be on the ice and having these kids go through it and just watch them, to learn that that’s part of it; to absorb as much as they can and continue to move forward."

Click the link to listen to Patrice's take on the day:
 Dev Camp 2008: Patrice Bergeron, Day 2  

On what he hopes the players will gain from this experience…
"First and foremost, its about gaining comfort, familiarity, and understanding what expectations will be going forward. Some of these kids will be coming back to a regular training camp and they will have a clear idea as to (the team’s goals).  Obviously, they will be amped up and there will be higher intensity and it will be physical because you are competing for jobs at that point.  This isn’t about winning or losing jobs.This is about kids getting their feet wet with a culture and experience like this, for the first time. Bonding and becoming part of our organization and hopefully giving them a jumpstart to their pro careers."

On the team’s expectations of the returning campers…
"Yeah, there should be a progression there. They know that we are going to be comparing their test results both on (and off) the ice and see whether or not they applied some of the stuff that we have been watching and communicating with them (as to) what we’d like to see them implement in their games...They want to take away from last years camp, from training camp and the regular season that getting better is about working on the things that you don’t do well, not just focusing on what you do well.  Sometimes, it’s about being stretched and pushed and seeing how much you want to push back and moving forward. These guys understand that and they are eager and anxious because they know that this is on their horizon much sooner than some of these kids who will go back to juniors and college, so they’re anxious to get going."

Listen to the below for more:
 Dev Camp 2008: Don Sweeney, Day 2  

My intern Hannah Goldman raced around the locker room to try and get some quotes from the guys before they headed out to the game:

Wilmington, MA -- Don Sweeney & Co. didn’t waste any time getting the new Bruins moving today, the first day of on-ice drills at the 2008 Boston Bruins Development Camp.

Boston's newest skaters all thought it was a great practice and sincerely enjoyed being out on the ice -- particularly after suffering through the shuttle run in yesterday's heat.

“It felt really good,” said Jamie Arniel. “I haven’t been out on the ice with that high tempo in awhile.

"We did a lot of drills and got used to things around here, and I think it went really well.”

Joe Colborne really enjoyed his first Bruins practice experience under P-Bruins bench boss Scott Gordon..

“It was pretty neat,” he said. “You see guys out there like Patrice Bergeron and shooting on Manny Fernandez was a pretty good experience.

“I got one or two past him, but not very many,” he continued half-jokingly. “Each time I felt like celebrating because that is the first time that I have ever been scoring on an NHL goaltender.”

It was clear how excited the new rookies were, but the feeling was not lost on the returning campers either.

“It was nice coming here and seeing the guys again, and going out on the ice,” said last year’s draft pick Zach Hamill. “I haven’t seen them for awhile so it was nice to get back out on the ice with them, for sure.”

Zach, along with most of the other vets, feel a lot more comfortable and confident this year, but  Matt Marquardt told it like it is.

“It was a bit rusty at the beginning,” he said. “It took us awhile to get going there.

"There isn’t much ice where I am from, so I only got a couple of skates in before I came here.

"The high tempo stuff was a bit of a wake up right off the bat, but once we got going, we got a little more into it and we had a good skate with good intensity," he said.

Marquardt added that was simply a "a great first on-ice session.”

But when asked if the practice was a bit rough, he quickly added that it wasn’t at all.

“It is always great to get back out on the ice and get back into practice situations,” Marquardt continued. “We do it so much during the year and then you get a little of time off but as soon as you get back at it, it is fun.

“It was good though, we are all here because we all enjoy being out on the ice, so it was a good first day.”

The first day isn’t over though. The boys headed to Fenway Park to catch the finale of the Minnesota Twins series at 1:00 pm.

Many of the Canadians here at camp are not the biggest baseball fans, but even for them, going to Fenway is something special.

“I am so excited,” said Marquardt. “I took in my first Major League Baseball game in Toronto a few weeks ago and I loved it. Just to get the chance to go to Fenway is going to be awesome.

"I am a big Red Sox fan and I am excited to get to Fenway and take it all in.”

Arniel, also having been to one Jays game before, completely agrees.

“…It doesn’t compare to a Red Sox game, so I am looking forward to that, for sure,” he said.

Hamill is just happy to not have to throw out the first pitch again.

“My heart rate will be a little bit lower today,” Hamill said. “I’ll be a little bit more relaxed. But I love the park.”

Hopefully the rookies will enjoy the game and, instead of playing, will get a good taste of what it is like to be watching Boston sports.

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