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Bo & Mo

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Bo Knows Expectations

When asked about raised expectations and the over-a-goal-a-game pace that he has achieved in a short time with Boston, new Bruin Brandon Bochenski was undaunted and laughed at the question.

"What? I’m going to play so well that (everyone’s) going to keep expecting that. Is that what you are saying?" he asked.


"I just wanted to come in and play well," he said. "I don’t think there is anyone out there who thinks I am going to score three goals every two games.

"But I’d rather set expectations high, rather than keep them low, and then have to prove them wrong."

But, needless to say, he’s enjoyed his time with the Bruins.

"I have enjoyed it so far," said Bochenski of Boston. "I like the area. Everyone has been nice to me -- it just seems like my kind of town."

"It’s an Original Six team," he said, with the usual reverence for the phrase. "And I was really just excited to be here to begin with.

"Putting (on the B) and getting to go out there and score and play in some decent amount of minutes," he said wistfully, "it’s just a lot of fun."

Mo Knows Defense
"For me personally, I think I tend to lean on the defensive side, more than the offensive side," said Mark Mowers when he and I discussed his game this morning. "Just because of the way things have gone (and) when you don’t win games, that’s kind of the mindset.

"But that being said, we still need to score goals to win."

Mowers knows his role and he has done everything that the Bruins have asked of him throughout this campaign. Again and again this season, Mowers has played on lines more apt to be known for checking, or energy, than for offense.

But in his past, namely when he was at the University of New Hampshire, Mark was known for offense (85-112-197 totals in 144 games). He had 50 points for Milwaukee of the IHL in 2000-01. Then, with Grand Rapids of the AHL in 2002-03, he had 81 points in 78 games.

But given his role this season, Mowers, a team player, has needed to concentrate on forechecking and defense, and the points have not been piling up.

"Well, that’s the thing and kind of what I am going through a little bit this year," explained Mo. "I guess I have gone through it before, but maybe (when) you are concerned about not getting beat at the other end, you kind of lose that edge.

"I wouldn’t say it’s a switch that you can just turn on.

"The other part of it is (that) the more chances you get, the more comfortable you are going to the net. If you get less chances…you are holding the stick a little harder, and you don’t do things naturally."
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