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Bish's Blog: July 7

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
Development Camp 2009

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4:37 p.m.
Former Bemidji State University goaltender, Matt Dalton, knows exactly what he would tell the folks at home about when he summarized today's activities.

"That run," he said with a sardonic laugh. "Did you see it?"

Yes. Yes I did, Matt.

But I also saw Dalton do something else earlier this year. Namely, he led the Bimidji State Beavers to the Frozen Four. In doing so, Dalton's hockey club become the lowest-seeded team to reach the national semifinals.

With Bimidji State this season, Dalton was 19-11-1 and had a CHA-leading 2.19 GAA with a .921 save percentage.

"That 300-yard shuttle, that was pretty tough," repeated Matt.

So is getting to the Frozen Four!

3:58 p.m.
Hey there Joe - Whadya know?
After finishing his shuttle run this morning -- and given some time to recover from the exercise -- B's prospect Joe Colborne was all smiles.

And why the heck not?

The Bruins top pick in 2008 (16th overall), Colborne joined the University of Denver last season and posted 10-21-31 totals in 40 freshman NCAA games.

This season, Joe intends to go back to Colorado and up those numbers significantly.

"I want to get bigger, stronger, and take that next step," he said. "[I want to] control the puck even more and get my game ready for the next year where I hopefully can make the jump."

Knowing how important Strength and Conditioning guru John Whitesides is to the Bruins, and in an effort to increase his own size, Joe has put his faith in the trainers at Denver.

And judging by the look on his face when he got off the scale this morning at Ristuccia, that faith has been rewarded.

"Mike Sanders, the strength guy down there, he's one of the top guys in the country, I'm sure," said Colborne. "He's an intense guy, very similar to Whitey [chuckle].

"Both of them are intense guys."

Around this time, Coach Whitesides started yelling something at his charges and had Joe watching for him out of the corner of his eye with a combined look of wariness and apt attention.

Intense, indeed!

BTW: You can get a glimpse of Coach Whitesides in action, here. JB

3:03 p.m.
What is a "Development Camp?"
Boston Bruins Director of Hockey Operations & Player Development, Don Sweeney, started out his remarks this afternoon by reminding the press that the players are not directly competing for jobs this week.

"This is not a tryout," said Don Sweeney in review of Day 1 of the 3rd annual Boston Bruins Development Camp. "This is all about the development aspect of things as I've trumpeted all along."

Sweeney did say that the campers were making impressions while they were here and that he expected to see hard work, but the former B's blueliner is clearly in teaching mode this week.

"In addressing the kids last night, I thought about three things," said Sweeney who watched his players go through testing this morning.  "They are going to learn about what the expectations are from our staff and our group -- from the Boston Bruins. They are going to have a clear understanding of what it takes, going forward. So, they are going to learn about us.

"And obviously, we are going to learn something about them. That's the second piece, that we are going to learn [about them] both on the ice and off the ice in working with them.

"And the third thing is that I think they are going to learn about themselves a little bit," he said.

2:21 p.m.
As we speak, Day 1 is rounding itself out with some in-house Outward Bound teambuilding exercises.

I'm back at the Garden now -- away from the battery issues that have plagued me all morning -- so look for a full report in a few.

12:02 p.m.
We are almost halfway through the shuttle runs and everyone is still upright.

I think the guys are running 30 yard sprints 12 times for four sets 300 yards (or 25 yards x 12).

There is (just) a short break in between sets (of about three minutes).


11:42 a.m.
The prospects are stretching for their trial...

10:27 a.m.

The off-ice (and non-public) portion of the 2009 Development Camp is underway.

This morning the campers began their B's experience by having their weight, height, reach and vertical jump measured.

Then they performed bench presses and pull ups to their maximum capacity.

Next is the infamous shuttle run -- we'll describe that in a bit.
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