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Bish's Blog: July 15th

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
5:19 p.m.

Krejci is Keen to Play at Fenway
Honestly, I didn't expect David Krejci to be the player most awed by being on Fenway Park's infield on Wednesday, but stranger things have happened.

"It was awesome," said the Czech-born center, who admittedly never played baseball as a child.

"But I became a fan," continued Krejci. "You know, I was here [at Fenway] last week."

It occurs to me that I was present at Krejci's first and latest visits to Boston's favorite ballyard.

Just three summers ago, Krejci was in my van when we drove the new B's to Fenway Park for some R&R during Development Camp '07 and it seems his love for the Red Sox has grown exponentially.

"I'll be back in August -- that's for sure -- at least a couple of times," said Krejci. "It's beautiful and I [am glad] to see how it looks from down here.

"I can't wait to play here."

Down on our spot on the infield dirt, Krejci kept looking around, wistfully.

"I have played [outside before]," said David. "But while I was growing up I was playing inside.

"But sometimes when the rivers and lakes froze over, I would go with some friends, but that was playing just for fun.

"Hopefully this will be the same thing," he said.

I asked Krejci if he knew the names of any of the Red Sox players.

"I know all of them," he said.

So, to challenge him, I asked him which would be the best Bruin.

"I would say [Jacoby] Ellsbury," answered Krejci. "He's got speed.

"And he wears #46."


Asked where he would like to play in the Red Sox lineup, Krejci gave the querie some thought.

"I think I'd like to play second base...or first," said David. "That's where [the action] happens a lot."

Krejci sees himself in the Ellsbury mode around the plate.

"I'd like to get some hits," he said. "Probably, I wouldn't hit too many homeruns, but...I'd like to steal some bases.

"Including home base, just like Ellsbury did."

Is there any doubt he could?

2:30 p.m.

The speeches are winding down. Needless to say, everyone was very enthusiastic and very excited about the 2010 Winter Classic.

I think I get to go on the field for interviews! So look for some updates in a bit.

2:15 p.m.
It's official. NHL commish Gary Bettman has announced that the Boston Bruins will faceoff against the Philadelphia Flyers on New Year's Day.

Representing the B's on the stage above the Red Sox dugout are Jeremy Jacobs, Charlie Jacobs, Peter Chiarelli, Cam Neely, Harry Sinden, Patrice Bergeron, Shawn Thornton, Aaron Ward, Marco Sturm and David Krejci.

9:47 a.m.
Bruins To Expand Twitter Offerings by using CoTweet

Since last spring's playoffs, over 3000 Boston Bruins fans have enjoyed first dibs on breaking news, ticket and merchandise contests and, of course, the latest info on the Black & Gold via my Twitter page -- Bishter on Twitter.

But from what I've heard here on Causeway Street, you want more. More of everything! That's where CoTweet comes in.

Well, thanks to our successful experiment in the world of interactive instamatic information technology (ain't the future great), we can and will give more tweets to you.

As of today, not only will you get official news from the B's, the first word on contests and events and, of course, some of my fun stuff, but on our new Twitter platform, NHLBruins via CoTweet, you will also get the witticisms of a Mister Blake Wheeler.

I think you've heard of him.

Yes, starting very soon, Blake has agreed to give the player's perspective on all things Bruin (and Wheeler) during the season.

So follow the Bruins on Twitter at Those of you who already follow my original Twitter, Bishter, please begin following over here as I will no longer tweet from there.
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