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Bish's Blog: Bruins Spelled M*A*S*H

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
Yesterday, around 11:20, I blogged:

It's becoming clear that Boston was a M*A*S*H unit by the second round.

As the day progressed it became clear that even Hawkeye Pierce and Trapper John would have been hard pressed to keep the B’s buzzing.

Monday’s Boston Bruins year-end media session was very enlightening; particularly because it educated everyone just how black and blue the Black & Gold were as the curtain closed on the second round of the 2008-09 playoffs.
VIDEO: David Krejci
VIDEO: Phil Kessel
VIDEO: Mark Recchi
“Every team has injuries, but we seem to have a few more than other teams, and I have to hand it to the players for playing through those injuries,” said B’s general manager Peter Chiarelli during his season-ending press conference.

“[David Krejci and Phil Kessel] are obviously questionable to start the [2009-2010] season, based on their surgeries and prognosis,” continued Chiarelli. “Phil played with two tears in his shoulder, and David played for a good part of the year with an impingement on his hip joint.

 “[Zdeno Chara] was pretty banged up [shoulder, knee, groin], but I don’t think he’ll need surgery. [Andrew Ference] will probably need it.”

Add the previously disclosed injuries of Marco Sturm and Matt Hunwick to the new list of Chara, Ference, Kessel, Kobasew [ribs], Krejci, Marc Savard [knee sprain] and Aaron Ward [face] and you have a pretty good idea about how injured the Bruins were when they left the building after Game 7 against the Carolina Hurricanes.

And there was one more, somewhat remarkable diagnosis and treatment schedule to talk about: Mark Recchi’s kidney stone surgery, which occurred the night before Game 7 and was not related to an additional rib injury.

“This is where you really hope that guys pay attention,” said Boston head coach Claude Julien. “Here he was before game six, lying in the trainer’s room with an IV stuck to him, and he was willing to play as long as they would allow him to, and he did.

“This was probably the best thing that some of our guys could see, is the sacrifice that this guy was willing to make, even at this stage in his career.

“He went through [pain] before Game 7, obviously the surgery, and [then came] back to play. And still to this day, at this moment, he’s still in pain,” he said.

Clearly, hockey loving New England is still in pain, but maybe that heartache is assuaged, just a bit, by the knowledge that the Boston Bruins went out, well, acting like the Boston Bruins. Recchi’s tale, in particular, seemed symbolic of the B’s renewed penchant for sacrifice for the team.

“I was pretty sore,” understated Recchi. “I don’t wish it on anyone.

“I felt like I could still help the team and play. It happened after Game 4, that next morning. I did something to my rib.

“When I got the X-ray [the pain from the stone] had gotten progressively worse. It got to the point where it wasn’t going to come out so they had to remove it. They removed it the night before Game 7…I got it out and then went for morning skate,” he said.

Kessel and Krejci echoed their veteran companion.

“I knew it was bad the whole time but you have to play through that kind of stuff,” said Kessel. “You have the offseason to have surgery so you just have to play through it.

“It hurts and is not an easy thing. It is painful and can’t do much with the left side of my body. I tried wearing a harness and it hurt it worse so I just went free. It was painful but I had to do the best I could.”

Krejci said that there wasn’t one day that his injuries didn’t bother him this season.

“Every day I woke up, every move I made, I knew there was something wrong,” he said. “The only time I felt comfortable was on the ice. The trainers worked with me…a long time before every game and it was only when I was playing that I felt comfortable with my hips.”

Krejci added that he played every game like it was his last.

“I tried not to think about my [injury] at all,” said Krejci. “If I got the surgery…I would be out for the season.

“I was just glad I was able to play.”

So are we David (and Phil, Mark, Marc, Zee, Chuck, Aaron et al). So are we.

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