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Bergy (Almost?) Dodged a Bullet

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
BOSTON -- For those of us who saw it, Patrice Bergeron's rapid exit from the rink inside Ristuccia Memorial Arena to the Bruins locker room on Tuesday was downright scary.

"Well, it was just a puck in the throat," said Bergeron after morning skate on Wednesday.

"I couldn’t breath for five seconds, so might as well go out."

Just a puck in the throat? Might as well go out?

"There wasn’t any blood at all," added Bergeron. "At first I didn’t know it hit my chin first, so I was more worried about the throat than anything else."

The B's sent Bergeron to the hospital to get stitched up and x-rayed.

"Everything was fine," said Bergeron. "I guess I went for an x-ray just because it was my jaw, just to make sure nothing was broken.

"Everything is fine," he said.

Bergeron explained that defenseman Johnny Boychuk was working to get a puck out of the defensive zone during one of the B's drills during practice on Tuesday.

"I think it went off the glass, the divider and it hit my chin," said Bergeron. "Johnny really wanted to get it out of his zone.

"He did a good job."

Bergeron smiled at that last quip, but added that Boychuk called him afterward.

"Yeah, he did," said Bergeron. "He felt bad."

But despite the new "zipper" on his chin, Bergeron feels fine.

How many stitches, Patrice?

"I don’t know exactly," said Bergeron, who still has his now trademark 5 o'clock shadow (and probably will for some time). "I got quite a few because it was pretty deep.

"It was more of going there to get stitches more than anything else. If it had been a game day I would have gotten stitched up and been back on the ice. But I had to go to the hospital and get stitched.

"It’s going to be a tough one to get them out in six or seven days. Donnie [DelNegro] is pretty good. He’s got good eyes. He’ll have to dig in there [through the beard] to get them."

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