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Back to Campus: Brian Ferlin

by Evan Sporer / Boston Bruins
— Summer officially ended this past weekend, but the Northeast has reaped the benefits of warm weather deep into September. But for B’s prospect Brian Ferlin, a Jacksonville-native who just returned to Cornell’s campus in Ithaca, New York, even seeing the thermometer hit the low 70’s or 60’s during the day can be a shock to the system.

“It’s definitely a lot more humid, a lot hotter in Florida,” said Ferlin, who is back at Cornell for his sophomore season. “I think it helps me to train down there during the summer, just to kind of have some of those variables in there.

“Having to deal with the heat and everything, and when I get back up here it’s a bit cooler so it’s definitely a change. It’s a little mountainous, the air is definitely a little thinner up here, so it’s an adjustment both from Florida to here, but I think it helps me to train down in Florida during the summer.”

The frigid air in Ithaca wasn’t enough to throw Ferlin off during his freshman campaign.

After making the change from Jacksonville to upstate New York, Ferlin did not disappoint for the Big Red. The 6-foot-2 power forward registered eight goals during his first season of collegiate hockey. He was in the top 12 nationally in points per game, and won both ECAC and Ivy League rookie of the year awards.

Still, a determined Ferlin sees room for improvement.

“Obviously, everyone wants to be better statistically this year, and I think had a pretty good starting point last year, but I certainly think I should build off that this year,” Ferlin said. “I want to just keep improving in all aspects.

“Right now, I’m just working on getting bigger, stronger, faster, and then once the season rolls around, when our coaches can get out there on the ice and stuff officially, we’ll start working more on defensive zone and all the little things, power play.”

Ferlin said his summer workouts were a combination of things he’s learned at the Bruins Development Camp, tips from his Cornell trainers, and things he’s picked up on his own.

“I just kind of take what I think I need to focus on and different pieces from everyone’s programs and put it together,” Ferlin said.

It is Ferlin’s hope that with Cornell not losing many players from last season’s squad (which had only four seniors), the Big Red will make a big run when the puck drops come October.

“I think that we have all the pieces in place, as long as guys stay healthy, I think that we’re going to definitely contender in the national picture this year,” Ferlin said. “I think that’s what our fans expect each year.

“I think this year we have a special team so there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to make a run for it.”

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