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by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
We’ll find out about the Bruins defensive corps pretty soon -- game day skate is in just a few minutes.

The return of Brad Stuart will be a needed shot in the arm for Boston, however Zdeno Chara and Jason York are still question marks for this evening.

That being said, the club sent Jonathan Sigalet back to Providence yesterday in anticipation of Brad’s return.

"Obviously it is a slow process, but it is getting better," said Chara yesterday, clearly attempting to put the media scrum, and, by extension, the fans, at ease. "So far there hasn’t been any setbacks and that’s what you want.

"You want to keep going slowly forward and getting better.

"You don’t want to rush it and do something that could…aggravate (it)," he said.

Chara did skate yesterday and did not belie any physical issues -- but the big man did say that he ’feels’ whatever is ailing him consistently.

Although he was walking around, York did not skate.

"It was just a fluke," said York. "(Ottawa’s Daniel) Alfredsson was going wide and I reached out to stop him.

"I went crashing into Timmy in the net. My leg got caught underneath me.

"My leg went in a weird position…you know when your weight is on your leg and it bends one way (and the rest of you) goes the other way? That’s what happened," he said.

Jason was also looking for a good restaurant in the vicinity of the MRI facility, as he assumed that Boston’s traffic pattern around 5:00 would put him in parking lot like conditions on his way home.

Happy to oblige, most of the reporters -- who are in "terrific" shape despite their sedentary lives -- had suggestions.

Shocking, that reporters (and bloggers most especially) would know where to eat, don’t you think?

And speaking of MRI’s, we will also hear about B’s forward Stan Chistov’s status, as well. There is a bit of a parachute in this case, however, as Jeff Hoggan is ready to step in to the lineup having recovered from his upper body injury.

After NESN’s Rob Simpson and Bruins bench boss Lewis had a pretty interesting discussion on hockey fisticuffs.

Lewis’ take on fighting?

"Throw as many rights and lefts as you can."

More later...
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