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Animal House

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
You might know what I’m getting at here, but you might not. Belushi made perfect sense. Whiteheads explode, almost with a feeling of pleasure. You know what you’re getting at and you have a feeling you’re getting out of it. Need I say more than "mirror?"

Blackheads are just nasty! The only positive was that they could surprise you. That skin strip that pulls them out is just gross. What if you had a trashcan full of those and dropped your fingernail clippers in there? Can you imagine the funk you would be pulling out? You might as well just leave them there.

But what is the deal with blind zits? They offer no excitement. They aren’t really gross. They don’t provide any excitement and it’s nothing you can tell your friends about. All they provide is pain. Oh, and if it’s in your nose, forget about it!

But for real Whitehead fun, we’ve got the Sox and Yankees this week. I am pretty sure these three games won’t be a like a blackhead type of series that you might get against the Angels. Or the worst yet, the blind zit series you would have if the Sox played the Brewers in interleague play. That might be worse than that thing in your nose.

Good luck with the Noxema.
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