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A Wild Ride Continues

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
As much as tight games give me a stomach ache, last night signaled that the Bruins have no intention of throwing in the towel.

"We got on that 5-on-3 early," said Coach Lewis when asked about his penalty kill. "But that goal was really important to us, that first goal."

That would be Chistov’s slam-dunk off of Marc Savard’s beautiful pass in the first, which turned the game’s momentum in the B’s favor very early.

"We got out of the penalty kill and we kept a lot of the shots to the outside and sort of took the crowd out of it," said Lewis. "And when we needed the big save, Timmy was there.

"I think he is seeing the puck very well and the guys did a good job in front of him keeping shots and the (Leafs) players to the outside.

"The odd time he found (the puck) through traffic, but overall our defense did a really good job," said Dave.

Yorkie called his shot
NESN’s Rob Simpson was apoplectic about Jason York’s goal last night, as York had told ’Stretch’ (Simpson’s college nickname) that he had cut his stick down an inch and was going to score.

"I leaned over the boards and told you that," said Jason ’the Babe’ York to Simpson, post game. "I guess you’re right -- I called my shot."

York, thought for a second, and said, "I’m just happy we won, though."

He conceded, finally, though and stated, "It was time to finally to contribute with a goal."

How important was the win, Mr. York?

"We knew on this road trip (we need to win) five out of six," he said. "We are on schedule now and tonight our game plan was just to keep things simple and slow the pace down.

"We have a lot of guys hurt and (we needed) to just stick to a very basic, hard working game. And that’s what we did."

And Thomas played out of his mind.

"Did he ever," said Jason. "He was fantastic. He did a great job and got a lot of whistles when we needed them."

"He’s been super."

A humble, Tank…
Thomas, as usual, deflected the praise to his teammates.

"(We needed) some people to step up and make a difference," said Tim Thomas. "And that’s exactly what you saw. (Chistov) and Yorkie getting a goal.

"P.J. Axelsson played an excellent game and the ’D’ played well, to a man, (with) a couple of key blocked shots by Andrew Ference and Bobby Allen."

And the B’s sacrificed to make the win possible.

"You know what, it’s kind’ve funny how that works out," said Thomas of the bumps and bruises the Bruins have garnered along the way -- in particular Jason York’s bump on the head after being hit in the head with a puck and P.J. Axelsson limping off the ice earlier in the game. "That’s when you come in the locker room, and you’ve won the game.

"You never want anybody to ever get hurt. But they’re both ok, and the team came out with a victory.

"Usually, if you are not looking like that, you didn’t put out the effort that it takes to win.

"We got up 1-0 and that was a huge key -- to be able to play with the lead…we never sat on it, but we were always smart getting it out of the zone, getting it deep, doing the little things," said Thomas.

Speaking of P.J.
"We have to understand that we need to keep this up in order to win hockey games," said Axelsson, who agreed with Thomas that doing the little, simple things won the B’s the game.

"When we try to do too much, we tend to lose a lot of hockey games," said Axelsson. "If we play a simple game we tend to win them."

Did the B’s play different without Andrew Alberts, Patrice Bergeron and Glen Murray.

"I think we tightened it up a little bit," said P.J. "We didn’t talk about it or anything like that, but we tried to play simple."

On top of that, sound defense was the most important part of the Boston game plan.

"Tonight I think Timmy and the penalty killing won it for us."

And what about his blistering slap shot goal?

"Well, it’s about time I put some pucks in," said Axie. "(But) I don’t think about it that much, to tell you the truth.

"I just try to play a simple game out there and sometimes they go in."
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