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a sloooooow moooorning.

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
It was a sparsely populated morning skate at the Garden this morning.

Coach Doug Houda, Stan Chistov, Phil Kessel, Hannu Toivonen, Jeff Hoggan, Petr Tenkrat, Andrew Albie, and Bobby Allen were present in the warm up for Pittsburgh.

Chistov got the white hat today -- he lost a shootout yesterday and was again made to wear the opposite helmet color of his peers.

Toivonen took lots of shots to get loose for this evening. His new mask looks great, by the way. Good coloring, good design -- and he has a new back plate, Snoopy has joined Piglet in the spotlight.

I have never seen more people at a morning skate than when I went back upstairs after interviewing the Bruins -- Sidney Crosby is in the house and there were a lot of media, NHL personnel and just plain hockey lovers in the rink.

Best Moment of the Morning: Pittsburgh’s Noah Welch, of Brighton, Massachusetts and Harvard University fame, headed the puck (a la soccer) into the goal -- on purpose.

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