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A Full, Fun Day for Milan and Family

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins is with the Cup in Vancouver....

The best way to do it
08.14.2011 / 6:55 PM ET

VANCOUVER -- When Milan Lucic was thinking about what he could do with the Cup, he wanted to keep it private yet also enjoy all that his hometown has to offer.

Hello boat cruise.

"Vancouver is a beautiful and spectacular area," Lucic told "You saw the route we just went on and you get a lot of downtown and the mountains in the back. Thank god the clouds went away because it's a pretty great day."

Lucic wanted to share his day with those closest to him, so he figured by going on a boat everyone he wanted to be around would be there and nobody could crash his party.

It was a success.

"Everyone here has supported me from when I was a kid and, you know what, I feel like one of the luckiest players in the NHL because I have the support group that I do," Lucic said. "It's a great group here today and the thing I wanted to do was share the day with them. I'm happy I've been able to do that.

"I just wish it would never end."

- Dan Rosen

Stanley sets sail
08.14.2011 / 5:04 PM ET

VANCOUVER -- The harbor around Vancouver is known for being one of the most beautiful destinations in North America, so Milan Lucic is using it as a backdrop to his celebration.

Lucic has chartered a Harbour Cruise boat, The Princess, for an afternoon cruise around the spectacular waterway.

Roughly 150 of Lucic's closest friends and family members have joined him and the Cup for the lunch cruise.

Lucic started in the lower area of the boat taking pictures in the bow area. As soon as the boat started to cruise past Stanley Park and under the Lion's Gate Bridge, Lucic and his girlfriend, Brittany, brought the Cup up to aft on the deck and posed for more pictures while lunch was being served below.

Lucic popped a bottle of the bubbly and is letting everyone take a sip out of the Cup. His girlfriend's brother, who is 13, has kissed the trophy twice.

No, he isn't taking any sips.

As the boat cruised past Granville Island, Lucic went to the very top and hoisted the Cup for everyone at the Granville Public Market to see.

He received some cheers. There were no audible boos.

"I am not trying to rub it in," Lucic said. "I know what it's like."

The views are breathtaking and the weather has cleared up with the clouds separating above the water.

As soon as Lucic brought the Cup up to the aft, he gained a following along the boat. Other smaller speed boats started to pull up and honk with the passengers waving. Lucic waved back and showed them th Cup.

He's doing this three hour cruise before heading up to a mountain-top restaurant for a private party.

- Dan Rosen

Honoring his community
08.14.2011 / 3:26 PM ET

NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. -- Milan Lucic may have played for the enemy, but in this community he was the hero.

Lucic's first stop on his Cup day was at the Serbian Orthodox Church, where his parents are longtime members and the families here have known Milan for years.

"Since he was a little boy," Dusko Bilbija, who was helping with security, told "Milan is a good boy."

Lucic was welcomed inside the church by roughly 500 people and he took pictures with all of them.

With a team of security guards by his side, Lucic then took the Cup around the church for more pictures before being scurried out.

He was like a rock star.

"I'm so grateful we have someone like that to bring it back to us," ex-NHLer and East Vancouver native Sasha Lakovic told "Obviously the Canucks didn't do it, but when you have somebody that has grown up in the neighborhood and do such a great job like he did, wow."

Lakovic is close with Lucic's family and has known his parents for years.

"That's why he's such a great kid, his parents raised him right," Lakovic said. "Work hard and things will happen. That's what he did, and he's done it now. He brought it (the Cup) back home. Hopefully he can two-peat now."

- Dan Rosen

Like a kid on Christmas morning
08.14.2011 / 2:13 PM ET

VANCOUVER -- Milan Lucic and his girlfriend Brittany were waiting in the baggage claim area. Sweat was pouring off of Lucic, so much so that his shirt was wet.

"You can see how excited I am," he said as he waited for the Cup to come off the plane and get to him. "I am sweating through my shirt."

As the wait grew longer, Lucic commented, "What's taking them so long?"

Finally, the doors to the oversized baggage claim opened and the Cup was handed over.

Lucic couldn't wait any longer. Cup keeper Walt Neubrand opened the case and Lucic dipped his big paws in and lifted up the 35-pound trophy.

He held it aloft and posed for our cameras, and then quickly marched it through the airport to his car for the first stop of his day.

People scurried for their cameras and video recorders. A few asked Lucic if it was real. One woman asked me who that was.

When I told her, she smiled. She knew who Milan Lucic was.

Lucic's smile never came off his face. He was as excited as the moment he first lifted it after Game 7.

- Dan Rosen

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