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A Difficult Decision

by Peter Chiarelli / Boston Bruins
A difficult decision...

I’m back here after a hiatus from the blog. I’ve been feeling a little bit of pressure from my kids to put another installment up, so here goes…

Probably one of the most difficult things that I have had to do as the Bruins GM came last week when I was making the decision on waiving Glen Murray and then buying him out.

I can’t do it justice and I can't emphasize enough how significant the decision was based on the person that Muzz is and the contributions that he’s made to the Bruins.

The process entailed me talking to Muzz and telling him that I was waiving him, which was very difficult. He was out of town at a wedding, so it caught him off guard. Then, we went through a couple of days of trying to, in conjunction with his agent, move him to another team.

Finally, of course, I had to buy him out. 

As I’ve said in other reports, it's basically saying, “we don’t want you anymore” and it was a hard thing to do. 

We have the utmost respect for Glen and his family for what they’ve given to the Bruins organization. It was a tough week, especially after talking to a lot of the people here internally, and knowing that this was what we had to do.  But I know Glen is a good person; he has a good family and he’ll have a good career ahead of him with whatever he decides to do, play or not play. 

On a brighter note, we have the rest of August and then half of September until camp starts and it will go by pretty quickly.

Training camp is coming up...
We are already starting scheduling for our scouts. There are some European tournaments going on, and we are arranging for them to be at those events. We’re also doing some postmortem stuff on the draft and on the Development Camp. We spend time on this, because we always strive to improve on these areas. 

Other than that, there’s a lot of paperwork going across my desk. It’s not a very exciting time right now, but I have to lay a foundation for the rest of the season, administratively at least, in the next month.

I’ll check in again soon…
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