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A Big Day for Knight

by Abigail Seaver / Boston Bruins -- The Boston Bruins picked Jared Knight 32 in the NHL 2010 draft and he couldn’t be happier.

“It’s just a great city. I watch the games; I love the Boston Bruins. They're one of my favorite teams to watch,” mused Knight over a phone interview.

“Their fans are just unreal. They're really passionate fans and it is something I'm really looking forward to.”

He is ready and willing to work – over the next few seasons he will be battling for a spot on the team against the returning Bruins as well as the other draft picks such as Tyler Seguin.

“I think [I’m] just a hard working player, a hard-nosed player who goes hard to the net, who’s not afraid to take the post off,” said Knight. “I think I have a good skill set too and I think what really sets me apart is my work ethic and the way I work out there.”

Although he was drafted early in the 2nd round he had a battle to get there after being diagnosed with diabetes.

“I did have a slow start because of that. I was diagnosed in November and it’s all taken care of. It’s all under control. I'm taking four shots a day. I'm eating better; I've got my diet under control. Everything is under control,” explained Knight.

“Obviously it hindered me a little bit at the start but once I got in under control my game really took off.”

His condition didn’t hinder the Bruins from selecting him, probably because he already plays  like a Bruin.

“I like the hard game. I like the opposing team to hate to play against me and that’s how the Boston Bruins are,” Knight said.

Knight is still a young man and has some training to do before he can be in top NHL shape.

“If you want to be a good player, if you want to be a great player, you need to play consistently every game and ever shift,” said Knight.

He continued, “I think what I really to work on [this summer] is just you know improving my speed and just getting quicker because that’s the main difference between the OHL, major junior and the NHL is the speed.”

Other then training this summer, it is important to Knight that he will be able to stay with his family for a while. He didn’t even attend the draft in person so he could be with his whole family during the announcement.

“Right when I heard my name called on TV...everyone started screaming and hugging each other and we’re a close family. We really support each other,” he said.

“I’m here with a bunch of my family members and it’s good to experience something like this with all of them.“

Another factor that went into his absence was his sister, who was enrolled to take her drivers test the day of the draft.

Knight explained, “My sister [Kayla Knight] had drivers training so you know she had started it and I said I would just stay here and watch it on TV and let her finish that up.

“She actually finished today she got her permit so it’s a big day for her too.”
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