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10:00 AM - Chiarelli Checks in on Trade Deadline Day

by Caryn Switaj / Boston Bruins - We're less than five hours away from the NHL's Trade Deadline at 3:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, March 5. Throughout the day, I'll be bringing you updates via the Bruins Blog and on Twitter @NHLBruins ^CS.

As General Manager Peter Chiarelli settled into the Bruins' offices at TD Garden, he took a few minutes to lay out what this day looks like for him and the B's brass.

It can often be a roller coaster of a day, but the Bruins' GM wasn't anticipating emotions to come into play.

"You try not to be emotional about it. You know, we're trying to add, so the emotions get involved when you're trading away players, so I don't really want to trade away players, I don't think we will today," he said from his office. "It's just about being on top of the market, being in touch with the other GMs, and finding where all of the players slot in and finding some players for the Bruins."

"We're looking for one, maybe two depth defensemen. When I mean depth, it doesn't mean they can't play up the lineup, it just bolsters our depth and they're serviceable guys, so it's a good day, it's an exciting day, it's a culmination of a lot of days."

"Yesterday [Tuesday] might have even been more busy for us than today; we were in on a couple of deals, and they didn't happen, so we'll see."

While Chiarelli is at the forefront of the Bruins' acquisitions, it takes a team, and two of his top lieutenants are assistant general managers Jim Benning and Don Sweeney.

"Well, there are some smaller deals that each of them will be part of, and they'll come in and out of my office, and they'll work on that side," said Chiarelli, of the workflow.

"Sometimes when you're in a deal, there will be a ranking of amateur prospects; we've already done it, whether it's on our team or another team, and they'll go and they'll speak with our other guys and put a ranking together and come back, so they're on the move a lot."

"We stay in here, we've got a lot of names on the board…We've got a lot of names and we go through some scenarios and we then I make calls, and sometimes they're in and sometimes they're out when I'm making calls, some calls are private, so there's a lot of movement, a lot of stuff going on, and although it's five hours away, it goes by pretty quickly."

We saw a flurry of 10 deals on Tuesday around the NHL. While that may not have necessarily impacted the Bruins' plans, it could have possibly changed the scope of the market heading into Deadline Day.

With that in mind, I asked Chiarelli if that impacted his expectations for today at all.

"Not really," he responded. "There were a couple of deals that were a little surprising, I was expecting maybe those deals today. So no, no. We weren't in those bigger deals, so that loosens stuff up a bit so you have to be kind of on higher alert, but doesn't change expectations, no."

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