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Williams Speechless After Winning Bailout

by Chris Pinkert / St. Louis Blues
Debbie Williams won four months of mortgage assistance from the Blues on Feb. 7 vs. Colorado. Just having a ticket to a Saturday home game qualifies you for the promotion.
Debbie Williams thought she was in trouble when a Blues representative approached her and asked to see her ticket stub at last Saturday’s game vs. Colorado.

But getting a visit from a Blues employee during a Saturday home game is good thing these days.

Williams, who came to the game with a group of 20 people for her husband’s work outing, was selected to win four months of mortgage assistance from the Blues and she couldn’t be happier.

“Speechless is about the only way I can describe it,” Williams said. “It was a very tearful moment. My income is diminished and my husband has been carrying the load. It was quite remarkable. I can’t even describe it for you.”

Williams started her own company in June and has struggled to make money due to expensive start up costs. In addition, she said a struggling economy means new clients aren’t easy to find.

“It’s a little more difficult to get your foot in the door with a new business when people are of the mindset that they’re constantly cutting back,” Williams said Monday, just two days after winning the giveaway. “I’ve had to be more creative and think of some opportunities in my company to help alleviate some of the other companies’ pain.”

At every remaining Saturday home game this season, the Blues will randomly select a fan to receive mortgage assistance as part of the Fan Bailout Plan, which was designed to help Blues fans during tough economic times. Williams was the eighth fan to win mortgage assistance this season.

Williams and her husband share a home that's mostly underground in Pacific, MO, located just 30 minutes west of downtown St. Louis. Their home has just three large rooms: a family room, a master bedroom and a great room that serves as a living room, dining room and kitchen. Thanks to the Blues, it’ll be taken care of for the next four months.

“Starting my own company, I was feeling like I wasn’t carrying my weight sometimes,” Williams said. “We’ve had to change our lifestyle since June just to accommodate me.

“But my husband never complains or says a word. I was so excited because (the promotion) just kind of put me over the top.”

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