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Stanley Cup surprises founder of STL Cup Tracker account

Natalie Condon helped Blues fans find the Cup all summer but hadn't seen it herself

by Elise Butler / St. Louis Blues

For months, she's been paying close attention to the whereabouts of the Stanley Cup and documenting her findings on Twitter. But on Monday morning, Natalie Condon had no idea where the Cup was headed next, and that turned out to be a very good thing.

Condon is the voice behind the Twitter account @STLCupTracker, dedicated to following the Stanley Cup's stops throughout St. Louis this summer. The account has amassed 895 tweets since June 13 when it originated.

Tweet from @stlcuptracker: Join us in tracking the St. Louis 2019 @StanleyCup as it travels through our AMAZING city this summer! Tips, tweets, & DM's are appreciated and encouraged! @StLouisBlues #BluesCupTracker #StanleyCup #stlouisblues

The idea for the Cup Tracker was suggested to Condon during the postseason by a friend who lived in Chicago and had seen how much fans enjoyed it in previous years. After the Blues won, the STL Cup Tracker was born. 

"I was constantly refreshing," Condon said. "I'd look at the Stanley Cup hashtags, I'd look at Instagram, I'd look at Facebook, I was calling local businesses... It was a process."

Video: @STLCupTracker meets Stanley Cup

Despite her efforts to help numerous other fans get their chance to see the Cup, she had not yet had the opportunity to see it herself.  

Until Monday, that is. 

Steve Chapman, the Blues' Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, and Howie Borrow, the Keeper of the Cup, surprised Condon on Monday morning at her office. After a summer full of tips and social media sleuthing to find the Cup, Lord Stanley had found her instead.

Tweet from @stlcuptracker: Aw man. You guys really are making my night. I am so happy that so many of your dreams have come true by getting to see the cup. I will keep you updated tonight as I hear where it goes after Molly���s

Tweet from @stlcuptracker: I did not :( of course it has a public showing the night that I have plans I couldn���t get out of. Honestly, seeing everyone else with it is worth it for me. Good to see some happy faces in this crazy world

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