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Player Focus: Q&A with Brad Boyes

by Chris Pinkert / St. Louis Blues
Brad Boyes joined the Blues on Feb. 27, shortly before the NHL trade deadline, in a deal that sent Dennis Wideman to the Boston Bruins. Boyes recently took a few minutes to sit down with St. Louis Blues Online to introduce himself to Blues fans.

STLOUISBLUES.COM: With the numbers you put up last season (26 goals, 43 assists), you may have been a favorite for the Calder Trophy if it wasn’t for guys named Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. What was it that made your first season in the NHL so successful?

Boyes: Just kind of going in with an open mind. Being a rookie, you expect to start slow and (play) on the fourth line. Just learn to be responsible. Just going in, having fun and enjoying it. From there, it got better. Opportunity kind of arose a little more, I played with some good players, and things kind of fell into place a little bit.

STLOUISBLUES.COM: Did the trade to St. Louis come as a surprise or were you expecting to be moved out of Boston?

Boyes: It kind of surprised me. In other words, there was a little talk (of a trade) earlier for awhile, but recently, close to the deadline, I figured I had to stay in Boston. Again, on (deadline day), it kind of caught me by surprise a little bit.

STLOUISBLUES.COM: What did you know about the Blues and city of St. Louis before arriving?

Boyes: Not much. It was tough when we played here earlier in the season. (Being) in the Eastern Conference, you don’t see much of the West. So it was pretty new. I knew a couple guys, but besides that, not much.

STLOUISBLUES.COM: You’ve recorded five points in your first five games as a Blue. Do you feel like you’re getting all settled in here?

Boyes: Yeah. I’m just getting a chance, trying to produce and trying to help out. There’s a lot of good guys like Dougie Weight and Petr (Cajanek). That definitely helps. I think right away, we’ve had some good chemistry. Again, it’s about putting points on the board and trying to help the team win.

STLOUISBLUES.COM: In 2004, you made your NHL debut with the San Jose Sharks. What was memorable about that game?

Boyes: Just the atmosphere. Being in the NHL, big crowds, loud crowd. It was in Dallas. Also, playing against guys like Modano and those guys that you watch on TV.

STLOUISBLUES.COM: Who had the smelliest equipment in the Bruins locker room?

Boyes: I don’t know. (Shean) Donovan had some bad shoes. His runners were a little smelly at times.

STLOUISBLUES.COM: Tell me how you and your teammates communicated with 6-foot-9 defenseman Zdeno Chara. Did you have to stand on a chair so that he could hear you?

Boyes: (Laughing). He’d bend down for us, so it was easier. That guy is massive.

STLOUISBLUES.COM: If you weren’t playing hockey, what would you see yourself doing?

Boyes: I would have gone to school and tried to get a degree. I’m not sure in what. But I definitely would have gone that road. Maybe in business-oriented things.

STLOUISBLUES.COM: What’s your favorite movie or TV show?

Boyes: TV show has got to be Seinfeld. That’s probably the top. Favorite movie? I’d have to say Count of Monte Cristo is a good one.

STLOUISBLUES.COM: What’s the best score you’ve ever gotten while bowling?

Boyes: Got to be about 120. I’m not too good.

STLOUISBLUES.COM: How do you spend your time in the offseason?

Boyes: Biggest thing is just getting away. I’ve got some really close friends, really good family, a girlfriend. When you’re away eight or nine months out of the year, you want to spend as much time as you can with them and take it easy.
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