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Offseason Questions with Dallas Drake

by Chris Pinkert / St. Louis Blues
Blues forward Dallas Drake sat down for a few minutes with St. Louis Blues Online to discuss the past season, the Stanley Cup playoffs and his offseason plans.

Highlight of the season:

"There’s a lot of games that jump out. When we beat Buffalo (in St. Louis), that was a real exciting game. Also, beating Detroit in a shootout. Getting the fans back on our side after winning some games is a highlight more than anything else."

Most looking forward to next season:

"Getting better and hopefully getting back in the playoffs. That’s the biggest thing. It’s the most important thing, to give ourselves a chance. Once you’re in, you’ve got a chance."
Stanley Cup playoff predictions:

"It’s hard not to choose Buffalo. I think they’ll come out of East. Out of the West, you could pick anybody, but I like Anaheim."
Offseason vacation plans:

"Just go back to Michigan for the summer and relax."
Will we find you in any major league ballparks this summer?

"Yeah. Baseball (in St. Louis), baseball in Traverse City. The kids play that."

Offseason training plans:

"I’ll start right away, in about two and a half weeks. I’ll take that much time off and get right back at it. As long as I’m healthy enough to start doing a lot of things, I’ll start right away."
If he could say one thing to Blues fans:

"Thanks for your support. Obviously, we were in a tough situation early in the year, but we started coming back and winning games. The fans are as passionate about us as we are about them and hopefully we can continue doing that next year."

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