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Ask a Player: Cam Janssen

by Staff Writer / St. Louis Blues
In October, gave fans a chance to submit questions for Blues tough guy Cam Janssen. After hundreds of submitted questions, we selected 10 of them and gave them to Cam to answer.

His responses are below.

If your question was not answered, keep your eye on in the future for more Ask a Player features.

Q: If given the opportunity, would you drop the gloves with Tony Twist in his prime? 
– Phil Bergsieker, St. Louis MO

A: If I had to, if I got forced into it, I would. I would just make sure my sweater would come off as quick as possible so he didn’t have anything to hold on to.

Q: Once we win the Stanley Cup, would you consider bringing it to your old stomping grounds of Eureka High School for a picture and autograph session?
– Eric Etling, Eureka, MO

Absolutely. I’d be creeping around the school left and right. I’d take that thing all over the city of Eureka and try to hide it so I could keep it a little longer.

Q: I heard you on a local radio station here in St. Louis and you requested some pretty heavy music to be played on air. Is that what you listen to when you want to get pumped up?

– Brandon Zeisler, St. Louis, MO

Absolutely. I like my (Judas) Priest, my Metallica, I like the hard stuff. Sometimes, to settle myself down, I listen to Celine Dion so I don’t go out and take a lot of penalties.

Q: Do you get nervous before a game when you know you’ll probably get into a fight?

– Andrew Brodnik, St. Charles, MO

I’m always nervous before a game one way or another. It doesn’t matter who we play, I always have that nervousness. But definitely a little more when I’m about to go with a guy who is 6-foot-6.

Q: Did you ever get to a point where you thought you were overlooked and considered hanging up the skates and moving on to new things?
– Connor Lee, St. Louis, MO

A: Absolutely not, never in my career, not even close for any reason at all.

Q: You came from the New Jersey Devils, an obvious powerhouse in the NHL. Coming from their organization, do you see any similiarities in the way the two teams do things and do you think we could have some Devil-like success in the future?
– Kevin Brady, St. Louis, MO

What the Devils did worked for them at the time. The game changes every year, but I think what we’re doing is great, and we’ve got a great lineup and great players. I think there’s a lot of similarities, but I think with what we’re doing now, the way the game is played now, I think we’re doing everything right.

Q: Agitator. That’s the best word to describe your play. But you scored a goal, a rocket over the shoulder of Brent Johnson of the Capitals. Why don’t you fire more shots like that?
– Randall Ritchey, Gray Summit, MO

I’m trying to. It’s tough to get in those situations. With limited ice, it’s tough to get a lot of shots, but it’s coming, but whenever I have the opportunity to shoot like that, it’s going.

Q: Is there any bad blood between you and Barret Jackman over the fight you had in 2006?
– Mostafa Hamid, Ballwin, MO

I hate him.

Q: What’s it like to know your friends and family are watching you play for a team you grew up cheering for?

– Charles Conway, Town & Country, MO

A: It’s the best feeling in the world. I can’t describe it. I want to stay here for the rest of my career. I love my family watching me, I love my friends watching me. The only thing is I’m broke right now from giving away tickets.

Q: Who is the best trash talker in the NHL?
– Brad Visitin, Gillespie, IL


Q: I heard your interview on the radio recently when you said Ben Bishop was tall, skinny and goofy-looking. Would you tell him that to his face and if so, do you think Bishop would be a tough fight?
– Greg Miller, Wood River, IL

That tall drink of water? He’s definitely a goof ball, he looks goofy, and yes, I would say it to his face, but I’d have to get a ladder to do it.

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