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Who Will be the Coach?

by Bill Davidge / Columbus Blue Jackets

April 25

Only Scott Howson has the answer on who will be the next coach of the CBJ. This job in selecting will be a difficult task. There is no real characteristic that will stand out from others, that will relate to guaranteed success behind the bench. It is not age discriminatory, winners evolve around old and young alike... but so do losers.

Most coaches share the trait that they are born to lead, born to coach, but that doesn't mean he will succeed. All are dedicated to the task, but others are more dedicated than some. There is no correlation to success on a coach's passion toward the game. Intelligence and knowledge of the game does not guarantee success. Those that have been successful players do not always translate to wins as a coach. They all want to win and sometimes winning isn't enough in this profession. Losers are the most certain to get fired, but it has been evident as well, winners get fired too.

The coach is on the line each and every day for eight plus months. Every word the coach speaks is written and etched in print for others to see. It is also forwarded to others for translation that will be aired on the radio or TV. A coach cannot hide from constant evaluation. It does help if the message being sent is one of consistency. There is no place to hide. Coaches need to plan accordingly in lessons and in life.

Coaches walk away from reality and leave their families behind. The travel, they read, they talk, they sell, they teach, they yell, etc. The profession can break them as people and especially as individuals. It is difficult to understand who a coach really is! They are hailed at the hiring at press conferences and called fools at their firings.

Coaches are ONLY as good as the players they have on the ice. That is a proven fact in any sport; during any era, and at any time. It is one of the most overlooked characteristic of a successful coach. Once the horses are in the barn, the saddles can be mounted. It is up to the coach to either let them run or hold them back!!

Stay tuned!!

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