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What's in store for

by Elaine Shircliff / Columbus Blue Jackets

Has one of the thoughts on your mind been “what's next from the CBJ Artillery?”

If so, we’re here with the answer to your thought. They currently have two things in store for Jackets fans: a website and a podcast. was created in conjunction with the Blue Jackets and launched in early November.

“The ultimate goal is to give the fans a voice,” said Jordan Mills, co-founder of The CBJ Artillery and a contributor to the site.

The site will be a place for fans to learn more about fellow fans and also what is going on in the Blue Jackets community. The site will be a central hub for fans to connect with one another, and is equipped with “5th Line” downloads such as desktop wallpapers and social media avatars. You can even fill out a form to become “5th Liner of the Week.”

Several Blue Jackets bloggers will be featured on the site as well, bringing their insight on what’s going on with the team.

“The 5th Line Podcast,” the other main component of the website, released its first episode last week.

“Think of podcast-meets-Jimmy Fallon,” Mills said. “Our show is going to be geared towards having fun and doing fun games with fans.”

While the Blue Jackets and will be producing the news, this podcast will be producing the fun.

“If you're looking for Corsi and Fenwick stats you're not going to get that with us,” said Mills.

TJ Nocar, another of the Artillery’s members and a 5th Line contributor, expanded on that thought: “We are going to talk about how many times Scott Hartnell fell down during a game, or, maybe, how many times Jared Boll slicks his hair back.”

Maybe the Artillery will be able to tell us the exact number of times Cam Atkinson shares an Instagram picture of his dog, Easton? We’re kidding.

There will be games, chances to win tickets, 5th Line merchandise, and signed Blue Jackets paraphernalia.

“Maybe even a trip to the Caribbean!” joked 5th Line contributor Matt Pfeffer.

Of course, no podcast is complete without special guests.

“Every show we are going to have a different guest,” Nocar said. “Whether it’s person in the #CBJ community such as a Dancing Kevin or a Mask Juice…occasionally, we will get somebody (on the show) from a large fan community of another team.”

“We want fans to come on our podcast,” Pfeffer said. “We want them to interact with us through social media. We want to get to know them.”

They also want the podcast to be as accessible as possible.

“We are taking the podcast outside of the arena, too. This thing will be at a (#CBJBWW) viewing party, it might even be at RBar,” said Pfeffer. “We aren't going to be stuck in an arena where you can't have access to us. Come up and give us a high-five if we are on the microphone.”

Between the website and the podcast, The CBJ Artillery crew wants to keep the passion and fire alive and well in Blue Jackets fans. They’re also asking their fellow Blue Jackets fans to give input on what they want to be covered on the podcast and website. The 5th Line is all about connecting fans and creating new fans.

One other update: they also have a college campus tour in the works. Keep an eye open, because watch parties and events will be headed to your college campus soon.

-#WeAreThe5thLine -

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