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Welcome To Town, Brandon!

by Rob Mixer / Columbus Blue Jackets

Brandon Dubinsky arrived in Columbus today for the first time as a member of the Blue Jackets, and spent a few minutes talking with the local media. Topics discussed include: bringing energy to the game every night, being a leader on a young team, how he gets such a fantastic comb-over, and familiar faces on his new team.

Here's the full transcript of Dubinsky's media session:

On what the last few days have been like:
"At first it's tough to get moved from a team you're so familiar with, a team you've played for for so long. Now that a couple days have sunk in, I'm excited for the opportunity. We have a good young team here, and I'm excited for myself and the Columbus Blue Jackets with the moves they've made over the last year to try to turn this ship in the right direction, and get to the postseason and beyond."

On hearing his name in trade rumors:
"I think for most of my time in New York, every time there was a trade rumor I was involved. I guess that's good and bad; it's good to be wanted but it's tough to read about every day. Now that it's said and done, it is a bit of a relief that I'm not going to have to deal with least for the next month or so (laughing). Like I said before, I'm excited to be here and to be a Blue Jacket. I've had an opportunity to talk with some of the guys here, and they all love it here in Columbus. The best part about it right now is the youth we have, and the enthusiasm that we have -- not to mention the skill level that I think this team has. It's underrated, and I think we're going to have a good season."

Asked if he found out via Twitter:
"You never actually hear of a trade happening until you get word, but it really started when I was working out (Monday). I came back and before I even opened my computer I was getting 55 text messages from everybody asking if I was traded, and I had no idea what they were talking about. I had a conversation with my agent and he said it was going through, and about 20 minutes, I got the trade call from Glen. Then Scott afterwards; both of them apologized for me hearing about it prior to, but they said the trade call had ended just a short time before they called me. Everything before that was a rumor, but it turned out to be true."

On what excites him about this Blue Jackets team:
"I think we have a good young group of players, a strong defense. I've had the privilege of playing with and against a few of them before. I think we have a really underrated forward group; the biggest thing is that youthful energy, it's about becoming a tight team. I think we have all the pieces to become that. I'm confident that I can come in and fight right in. I know (Anisimov) from playing with him for so long and I know he'll come in and do the same. Collectively, through hard work and sticking together, I think we have the opportunity to put this thing in the right direction and not have it be a process, but have it be something we can do right away."

On having familiar faces in the Blue Jackets locker room:
"I'm coming with Artie, I played with Foligno, Wisniewski, Jack Johnson and those guys on the U.S. team. I played with Vinny Prospal and Fedor Tyutin in New York. That's six guys right off the bat and I think six guys that are going to have a huge impact on this team. I received calls from Umberger, Dorsett, Brassard, and I apologize if I'm leaving anyone else out. They were enthusiastic and happy to have me. That will certainly help me walk into the locker room."

Asked for his opinion on why the Blue Jackets have struggled:
"I'm not sure. I don't want to criticize an organization I wasn't a part of before. I'm not sure the answer to the question. All I know is that moving forward, I'm confident in the group that we have and I'm confident in what I bring and what Artie brings. We're going to help this group move in the right direction; we're both really excited to be part of that."

On hitting and physical play:
"I like to play a physical brand of hockey, for sure."

On what the other players coming to Columbus in the trade bring to the team:
"Starting with Artie, I've had the privilege of playing with him as a line mate for a few of my years in New York. I played wing for the year -- my best year in the league so far -- and he was my centerman for the whole year. We played well together. He's very talented, he's big, he doesn't shy away from the physical nature. The style we played there -- especially in Hartford (AHL) -- they sort of groom you to focus on the defensive side of the puck. I think he's going to bring a lot of offense without sacrificing his responsibility in the defensive zone. He's very capable of playing in all situations, playing wing, playing center. He's really versatile and he's going to help. In regards to Tim, I don't know him as well...last year was his first with the team. He was up-and-down a little bit, but what I do know is that he's a great kid and someone is a sponge, soaking up knowledge. He wants to be a good player. As far as his physical talents, he's a good skater and a good puck-mover -- sort of the more offensive type. As he continues to grow, he's going to be a huge part of this organization as well."

On bringing leadership to Columbus:
"It's a bit of a feeling-out process coming to a new team. You want to make the right impression; you don't want to come into a team and start walking on anyone's toes. With that being said, I'm certainly outspoken and a Type A personality, so I hope to come in and bring some leadership. It's a pretty youthful group, and rather than leaning on one guy in particular, the biggest way that we're going to have success is leaning on each other and having that group leadership. (We want the locker room to be) a self-sustaining thing where guys are constantly holding each other accountable, rather than just being one guy that you're always trying to follow."

On his style of play:
"I'm not going to make any statistical promises. One thing I will promise is that you'll get the effort, the energy every night from me. I think I bring a lot of passion to the game, and I'll help this team in a lot of areas. Most importantly, I'm excited to be a Blue Jacket and I'm excited to be here. The city looks great so far, and in my short amount of time, I'm looking to find a great place. The guys have been helpful, and the staff I've met so far are all excited and happy to have me. It's always great to be wanted, and I'm really looking forward to the challenge and the opportunity."

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