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The "Hitchionary"

by Bill Davidge / Columbus Blue Jackets

November 24

The following are comments from Head Coach Ken Hitchcock from the drop of the puck in September to now, 20 games into the season. The “Hitchionary” is used to compliment his intellect and ability to verbally relate needed information and comments to players, fans and especially the media. Very seldom does the coach say the same thing twice, which is a tribute to him He is in contact daily with the masses and during a 82+ game schedule. He is in relation to his players as a college professor is to his students, relaying his thoughts about his players, the game and the opposition without the boredom factor taking place… Sit back and enjoy!!


"Died on the Vine"… Hanging a goaltender out to dry and unable to stop the puck

"Learning Curve"… Refers to young players in their adoption to the NHL

"Pump Life into Them"… refers to bettering the special teams. Stated back in late September

"Taking a Vocal Initiative”... 9-29-08 referring to Michael Peca and his work in the locker room

"A Good Curiosity with Chemistry"… looking at forward combinations before the Nashville pre season game… the first game that Nash-Brassard-Huselius played together and Modin and Umberger were together

"Focus on Numbers"… a change in philosophy for the team, by adding the defense to the offensive rush and fore check

"Competitive battles"… dealing with competing each and every shift and game by all players

"Jacked Up"... referring to the young kids before the first game of the year

"I am not a referee… but… !" Talking about the Boll fight in Dallas that lasted two and half minutes

"Work in Progress"... talking about the lineup for the shootout... the first road trip had auditions being held…the PP and the PK even today is categorized as this

"Wind in their sail"… talking about teams that are playing well, in this case talking about SJ while in SJ and used to describe Atlanta before our 2-0 win in Atlanta

"The Landscape? The alarm never went off”… referring to the seven hooking calls in the first two games by the CBJ

"Don't play outside your means… less is best sometimes"… referring to some goaltending snafu's

"Chasing the game"… get behind early and have to play catch up

"Manage the game… manage the puck"... Playing in all three zones of the ice with proper directed team play

"Get dirty in the crease area"… go to the net and pay the price in hopes of scoring

"The sum of all parts… pack mentality"... Talking about Vancouver but also giving our philosophy a plug… talking about the players knowing roles and working together

"Candidate for time off"… Nash and all the time and effort he has put forth early in the year

"Must keep pace"… extending a 45 minute effort in a game to a full 60 minute

"Challenged to be better"… Voracek and his game as a rookie

"Careless"… defensive lack of playing the proper game

"Reckless"… take chances and go beyond the norm… referring to Backman and his need to improve in not being afraid to make a play

"Increase focus and be accountable"… talking about team play returning to roles… the re-teach and learning reinforced again

"Don't wade in"… get the game started early was a must talking pre-game about Anaheim

"Hungry beyond their years"… Voracek and Brassard and their love for the game… better known as rink rats as well

"We had a Cup winner down and cracked"… the disappointing 3-2 loss to Anaheim where we out-shot them and couldn't finish the 60 minutes

"Emotional connection"… referring to the new FA's adjusting to Columbus after spending time with other teams

"Too bland in the middle"… trying to find a way to spice up the chemistry in the center position by throwing Nash in the picture

"Stop and go guys"… dealing with Peca and Torres not being in the lineup early in the year

"A small list of a dying breeds"… Peca and the way he plays the game

"Funnel the puck"… get the puck to the net by forwards but especially defense when there is traffic

"Found a foundation"... referring to the play of Methot and his recent success

"A weighty game"… the win over Calgary at home… grinding, heavy board battles, a game of battles along the walls… the big players cycling and protecting the puck low

"Defensive discipline"… a compliment to Gretzky and how the Coyotes play today with their young team

"One must have a game before he has a Voice!"… referring to a couple of the qualities the leader of a team must have to be respected.

"Wanted an easy game"… after the Phoenix loss at home… did not want to compete for 60 minutes

"The Oilers look like the Harlem Globetrotters, I hope we are not the Washington Generals"… before the 7-2 thrashing… out-shot the Oilers 39-19

"Ownership needed"… talking about the PP and especially the PK. The players need to buy into what is expected and needed to succeed

Stay tuned!!

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