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The Hitchionary Part 2

by Bill Davidge / Columbus Blue Jackets

Knowing Hitch, with the record at 21-18-4, and a little less than half the season in front of us, the professor will undoubtedly inform the class (players, coaches, media and fans) to pay attention and take notes.  It is remains impressive how the colonel can reflect on the what’s up, what’s going on, and how he is professing the lessons of the day to all of us in contact with his teachings.  Here is a recent compilation of his workings:  Enjoy!!!!


The Funnel and Spray Offense…example Detroit..The best way to forecheck and create offense. An offensive tactic that allows shots and support in the scoring areas

Triple Drive…example Buffalo….no forward trails…secondary flow in the rush would be the defenseman …not the trail winger or F3

The Foot on the Throat… the team is not ready to win on a consistent basis.  Put the opposition out of their misery when opportunities arise in the game

Grab Tempo….a young team that has the ability to create energy

Puck Luck…the comment made about RJ Umberger at the end of November when he wasn’t capitalizing on his chances, but then pucks were going in off his rear end

Play in Inches not Feet..The game key when playing against Washington at home. It would be a battle and the work would have to be done in the trenches


A Man’s Game….the 3-0 win comment after the game when we were not going to get pushed out of the building

Time and Score…being aware in the game what is going on, where is the puck, what are the things that can influence the turning of the tide  and time on the clock and the score of the game is something that should be stressed by the leadership of the players

Sum of All Parts..Using Vancouver as an example and looking at his team on how to win

Dangerous Slope…the critical area of a team that can send you on a losing streak if the confidence fails….”are we good enough” phase goes through the minds of all players. This was the case of the team on December 1st when the record was 11-10-3

No Busy Head…good one Hitch….talking about Marc Methot in his ability to read and react without the game being too quick around him

Heavy…turn up the Volume…on how to play against SJ…the word tempo stressed many times in describing this term

Pen Them In…the hope of the CBJ against the Kings in a 3-0 loss at home…keep them in their zone

The Elevator…the way the game is going to be played for the entire year…mentioned prior to the Nashville 2-1 shootout one….so get on the Bicycle keep riding and try to get better every day

Did Not Deflate…Dug In…after the big win against Nashville

Energy Bank….taking about the youngsters in their development as players…know how to handle and replenish on a timely basis over 82 games

Territorial… Against the NYI we must be aware of their forecheck and understand where we want to play the game and how to accomplish it

Bogged Us Down…what good teams can do if the forecheck is effective in the defensive zone of the CBJ

Forget it…this WILL NOT CONTINUE…the poor effort and 3-0 result against LA on the 23rd of December

The Unofficial Second Half…3-0 win vs. Philly at home…..15-16-4…gone 6-2 since

The Benevolent Dictatorship…the footnote of Springsteen used to decide on who plays goal in LA….3-0 shutout for Mason.. Leclaire or Mason was the choice

Baptism Under Fire….youngsters learning and experiencing how to compete. Winning helps elevate the process.

Hornet’s Nest…like the above fore mentioned Elevator; this is an example of how the games are going to be played for the remainder of the season

The Hunter…the team must be on the offensive, go get them attitude and do not come home empty handed

Control Happy Feet…do not complicate the game with an attitude that goes beyond your given role.  Mike Peca put things in perspective...”Do not believe we are the Red Army” …if we do the results will not be present.

Above the Bar…the line of being in playoff contention…staying at or being as far above the line/bar that includes a playoff look in April.


Stay tuned!!  We are having fun now!!

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