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The Grinch Who Stole Our Game!

by Bill Davidge / Columbus Blue Jackets

December 20

All the kids down in Whoville are looking around to find out the truth on who stole the last few games from the CBJ! Not just tonight, but the past 12+ games the CBJ have lost. It remains in their collective hearts that the record should be better. It is an obvious assertion the losses are racking up more than Santa is collecting air miles on X-mas eve... so... where does one look for answers?

Simply put, the overall 5-on-5 play of this team has taken a back seat to turnovers and missed opportunities. From the transition on the offensive rush to the turnovers that slap you right in the face like a X-mas Eve chill. It is comparative to the waking up on Christmas morning with granite of coal stuck in the bottom of the stocking. The team is being punished with lethargic and irresponsible play in and around the blue of their own crease, and the offensive bluleine of the opposition.

Tonight in Colorado things hit a team low for the year. Have they been naughty or nice? Apparently naughty... Why?... Santa never even had time to slam down the egg nog and cookies left on the dining room table, because someone was too busy giving the Avalanche all the presents in the world. They were tightly wrapped with big red bows. They were a sight to be seen, sitting brightly in the eyes of the beholders. The gifts opened tonight, calculated precisely to a 4-0 lead for the Avs. It was much like kids in an opening frenzy on the given morning... before day break... Merry Christmas everyone.

The CBJ tried to stop the gift giving by removing Steve Mason. He was replaced by a Scrooge in his own right, Mathieu Garon. Garon really kept things in check and slowed that "feast on roast beast" to a minimum for a span of 48:30 until Milan Hejduk scored on a "roof job" (Santa would be proud). The final score was 5-2 Colorado.

The CBJ now have to check the list, and for all respective purposes, I would think they are checking it twice. The first 8:02 in this game tonight, cooked the X-mas goose for this team. It boils down to the same ole, same ole... What same ole?

1. Can't get started early in the hockey games
2. Can't convert 5-on-5
3. Can't defend 5-on-5 (-24 even strength on the year)

There is still five days before Christmas and the list is getting longer. Let us not kid ourselves; this game is played solely on heart and soul. It is made of "wise" men who want to sacrifice to win or attempt to win.

The list can be as long as one would like to make it, but let us not look any further than the reason one celebrates this joyous season every year... why? Once born upon this world was the little Lord Jesus on the date of December 25. Upon his birth, three "wise" men gave gifts to Mary and Joseph in celebration of his birth. It 'tis the season for giving and the CBJ have got to stop with the gift giving.

This team is looking for a new birth as well. There are two games before the X-mas celebration, and it is time to give back. Get the egg nog ready for Santa... this team is ready for the Holiday Season of paying back... right Phoenix?

Stay tuned!!

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