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The Day Off!!

by Bill Davidge / Columbus Blue Jackets

A nice 3-1 road trip for the CBJ this week allows a well deserved day off.  But the Woulda…Coulda…If…. philosophy was the thought after the big wins in LA, Anaheim and Colorado.  It appeared on paper for all fans that the CBJ would be able to walk in to St. Louis and sweep the 4 game road series that included playing in 3 time zones. As we are aware, the game is not played on paper, it is played with the heart, desperation and the conviction of all.  The St. Louis Blues are a proud bunch as well as they out worked a tired looking CBJ squad.


After arriving in St.Louis from Colorado and getting into the hotel at 2:45am Saturday morning, I know when I awoke, the first thought that entered and went through my mind is “where am I?...what city am I in?  If the broadcaster felt like this …. “wow”… can imagine how the guys felt.


That is no excuse for poor play. It is the reality of being part of the NHL and playing in the Western Conference.  Players have to get prepared as best they can in such a manner to be ready for the drop of the puck. Overloading the carbohydrates, electrolytes and protein into the skating engines is a must.  Garbage in, garbage out is one philosophy these athletes do not subscribe.  They eat the proper foods, take the proper supplements and digest the needed fluids to keep the motor running like a tuned machine…but one cannot catch up on sleep.  It is not how much sleep one gets but it is the quality of the sleep.  I do know I was in another time zone for most of the day.


So the day off is one for family play time.  It is time for bills to be paid and errands to be run.  It is time for clothes to be cleaned and the household chores to be done. Is that a day off?  Yes it is, because it is back to the grass roots of which we are all about.  It is time to close with my thoughts because there is one more load of laundry that needs some attention before we make hay, pack the bags and prepare accordingly for a trip to the Motor City with a date with the Red Wings!!


PS…Happy 89th birthday to our biggest listener!!  I love you DAD!!


Stay tuned!!


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