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Team Tyler - Post Race

by Tyler Wright / Columbus Blue Jackets

August 30

First off, I am so elated to finish!

This is truly one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. It was me against myself which is unique from my experience playing on a team. The text and emails I received leading up to race day really helped during the hard stretches. Thank you to everyone who sent their support.

The begin the race, the swim was great and I felt great during it, despite the frigid water temperature. I felt good on the bike as well and I lost my chain only once. I was most surprised with how dangerous it was in the Rocky Mountains.

The toughest part was the last two hours on the bike which were horrendous. I have never faced the kind of elements I faced on that bike ride. There was a 30km head wind through the last mountain climb. It was raining and the road was slippery. It was extremely cold to the point that my quads were starting to cramp. After the I got off the bike, I felt pretty good transitioning into the first half of the run. However, I really struggled on the second half of the run (the last 13.1 miles). My quads and calves were very tight.

Overall, it was a totally amazing experience. I thought about all of the kids and families all throughout the day, they were such inspiration. It was great to have my family there for the end of the big race when I crossed the finish line!

Finally, I couldn't wait to eat! My first meal was my trusted Tim Horton's sandwich. For those of you who know me, you know I am a big Tim Horton's fan!

Thanks again everyone and for more race information check out or view photos here.


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