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Supporting the Jackets from across the pond

by Jordan Mills / Columbus Blue Jackets

There is no doubt that that the 5th Line has made a significant impact on the Blue Jackets fan base in Columbus Ohio.

What some may not realize is that the 5th Line has also made an impact 3,759 miles away from Nationwide Arena -- in Birmingham England, of all places.

Tom Goodman, who resides in Birmingham, became a proud 5th liner last season. But prior to 2013, he wasn’t a hockey fan at all…until one two-week exposure to the game changed everything.

Goodman tuned in to watch the hockey tournament at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, and after that, he was hooked.

“I decided to follow the NHL and wanted a team to support,” said Goodman.

Goodman picked the Blue Jackets. Why the Blue Jackets, you say?

“I didn’t want to follow a bandwagon team that had already done it all,” Goodman said. “I chose the Blue Jackets because they are a young franchise that has the potential to grow into a great Stanley Cup winning team.”

One thing that sticks out to Goodman is the unbelievable fan community that comes with being a Blue Jackets fan.

“I think ‘We Are The 5th Line’ is a great way of including the fans with the team and it is a fantastic way to interact with each other on social media,” Goodman said.

Living on the other side of the big pond doesn’t make watching the NHL an easy task. Birmingham is five hours ahead of Columbus time, but that hasn’t stopped Goodman from watching the games. When Blue Jackets fans in Columbus are tuning into the game at 7p.m., Goodman is just getting started at midnight over in England.

Dedication? You better believe it.

Goodman’s favorite player is Sergei Bobrovsky, and it’s hard to argue with that choice.

“I love Bobrovsky,” he said. “His skills in net are outstanding and a joy to watch.”

The next step is getting his friends on board, a process that’s already well under way.

“I have a few friends interested in hockey, so I will work on making them a part of the 5th line.”

You can find Tom on Twitter at: @Tomgbn


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