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Sunday Feature: Murray and Jenner living the dream together

by Rob Mixer / Columbus Blue Jackets

How do you know when someone really appreciates their roommate? They’re hesitant to divulge the contents of their meatloaf recipe.

That’s just one of the many things that Ryan Murray values about his good friend and roommate, the latter for more than a year now, in Boone Jenner.

“It’s a surprise,” Murray said of Jenner's meatloaf recipe. “But there’s some peppers in it, some other stuff. And there’s some of that sauce on top.

“I don’t really know what meatloaf sauce is, but it’s good. I know that.”

These are the important things.

Murray and Jenner, both now 21 years old and in their second NHL seasons, met during Blue Jackets development camp in 2012 and were paired together as roommates during their first training camp a year later.

They became fast friends and found they had a lot in common; they’re both laid-back Canadian boys who dabble on the golf course and enjoy their lazy Sundays…oh, and they both happen to be two of the brightest young players in the Blue Jackets organization, and perhaps, in the NHL.

They also got the phone call of a lifetime right around the same time.

Murray and Jenner roomed together in Traverse City during the 2013 NHL Prospects Tournament and also during main camp in Columbus. When the season started, both had earned roster spots through impressive camp performances but weren’t sure for how long they would be sticking around.

“You never know what's going to happen, so we both got separate rooms at the hotel during camp,” Jenner said. “It was kind of awesome – we both got the news (about sticking around full-time) around the same time on the same day, and we kind of said ‘hey this is a pretty easy decision, right?’ So we got a two-bedroom place and decided to live together, make it easy on ourselves to have each other’s company, cook together and all that stuff.

“It was a good feeling to get that phone call, it really was. We got some great help from people around here to get the place set up quickly and it’s worked out great for both of us.”

Both said they could have opted to live separately, but the decision to live together was pretty much a no-brainer.

“We thought it’d be way more fun,” Murray said. “So far, that’s been the case.”

On the surface, you have two similar-yet-contrasting personalities in Murray, a laid-back kid from small-town Saskatchewan and Jenner, who grew up on a farm in Dorchester, Ontario.

But at the crux of it, you have two hard-working kids who earned their stripes at a young age in the NHL and who aren’t satisfied with the taste of success they got a year ago.

And yes, they’re just like any other 21-year-olds. Especially when it comes to cooking.

“Our cooking hasn’t really evolved,” Murray said with a laugh. “In the beginning, we went out for dinner basically every night. If you think about it, it’s way easier to go to the grocery store and make the food yourself, rather than go sit at a restaurant for an hour or maybe longer."

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