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Social Roundup: December 4, 2019

CBJ Players celebrate thanksgiving, spend time with a man's best friends and more

by Justin Haase @bluejacketsnhl /

It's that time of year again!

The holiday season has quickly come upon us and we sure do have a lot of things to be thankful for this year.

Instagram from @bluejacketsnhl: Chef Jones

Some of the Blue Jackets players were able to get together and spend time with eachother for this year's Thanksgiving.

We are extremely greatful for our players who keep the CBJ family strong on and off the ice (and also for that delicious food they seemed to have cooked).

Instagram from @merzly: Finally got it, my first win in North America !

We are thankful for Elvis Merzlikins scoring his first United States W with the Cleveland Monsters!

Instagram from @merzly: 🐾

We are also thankful for Merz playing with the cutest little pupper (taken while his own pup was waiting for a belly rub at home).

Instagram from @duber18: Best day ever 🐶🐶 @stanleysteemerofficial

But the dog days really were over after we saw Pierre-Luc Dubois sharing some love with the puppy as well. 

Instagram from @bluejacketsnhl: Nick Foligno is officially the ❌ayor of Columbus.

We can't forget how blessed we are that Nick Foligno is not only an Ohio State fan, but also that we crowned him the new Mayor of Columbus ourselves.

Sorry Ginther, the Cap stole your title.

Instagram from @bluejacketsnhl: Probably not smart to get on our captain's bad side...

Earlier that game, however, Foligno and the ref didn't seem to be in the best holiday spirit. Tis the season of bad calls?

Tweet from @BlueJacketsNHL: Go into the equipment room and see the intricate details and nuances of sharpening skates.#CBJ | @AceHardware

And finally, we can't forget how thankful we are for yet another Tools of the Trade webisode. Here, we get a closer look of the CBJ equipment room to see the particularity of sharpening skates

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