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Q&A with Saving Jane

by Staff Writer / Columbus Blue Jackets has started a series for the 2006-07 series in which each of the Blue Jackets players and coaches sit down for a Q&A session allowing the fans to get to know YOUR TEAM. This week, sat down with Ohio native and OSU alum Marti Dodson, the lead singer of the emerging band, Saving Jane, whom is scheduled to sing the National Anthem at the Blue Jackets opener on Oct. 6, vs. Vancouver.

Saving Jane’s first single, “Girl Next Door” went platinum and peaked at No. 31 on the Billboard Top-100. Another single off their debut album, has gotten much air play in the Columbus area, “Hang on Sloopy,” which is the official Rock song of the state of Ohio and a song made popular by the OSU Marching Band, which plays the song at every Buckeye football game since 1965.

For more information on Saving Jane, log onto their official Web site at Have you ever performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” for a sporting event before?

Marti Dodson: Actually, I haven’t done it a long time. I used to do it in high school at the football games. I haven’t done it since then. note: Dodson went to Green High School in Franklin Furnace, Ohio…Go Bobcats! Do you ever get nervous performing “The Star-Spangled Banner”?

Marti Dodson: Actually yeah, when you are doing your own material, you can take more liberties. That is a song that I don’t want any surprises. Everyone knows it and it means a lot so it makes me anxious not to mess it up. Do you perform “The Star-Spangled Banner” straight or bring in some of your own sound?

Marti Dodson: I usually do it straight. There is a reason that it is what it is. It is not about me, it is about what the song stands for. Have you ever been to a Columbus Blue Jackets game?

Marti Dodson: I have been to a few. There is one funny thing that I remember. You know how when they spot people in the crowd they will put them on the screen? It is kind of a silly thing when the team was not playing they did one of those celebrity look a likes and they put me next to Jennifer Lopez…and we look nothing alike. So I thought it was kind of funny. note: The game entertainment staff at Nationwide Arena tends to film random fans that look like celebrities in their Celebrity look-a-like feature. Have you met anyone in the sports or entertainment industry that made you star struck?

Marti Dodson: One of my heroes is Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith) and when I met him I did not know what to do and I forgot how to talk. What is your favorite Aerosmith song?

Marti Dodson: There are so many. I like a lot of the newer stuff. “Crazy” was one of my favorites and I like “Mama Kin” too. Have you ever been to a concert at Nationwide Arena?

Marti Dodson: I went to see Aerosmith. Lenny Kravitz opened and it was awesome. It was the only show I have seen at the arena. note: Aerosmith and Lenny Kravitz performed at Nationwide Arena on Nov. 20, 2005. What is your most embarrassing moment on stage?

Marti Dodson: I don’t want to jinx myself, but sometimes I will get caught up in a moment and start thinking about the next part of the show instead of what part of the song you are singing. It is pretty embarrassing to forget the words to your own songs. Describe Saving Jane in one word?

Marti Dodson: Silly. We are just a bunch of silly people which is why we love what we are doing. note: That was more than one word, but we forgive you. Being that you are from Ohio, does it add to the experience since you are playing in front of an audience of family and friends here in Columbus?

Marti Dodson: It definitely does. It also is more nerve wracking playing in front of people that you know. We spent a long time, the better part of this year, without any shows in Columbus, now we have a few coming up in the future. You go out there and you do what you do. When you come home, you want to impress them, so it makes you a little nervous. What is your favorite song you have written?

Marti Dodson: I really like the song “Come Down to Me”, I think it is really pretty and it is a straight forward song and it has a lot of stuff about my life and it is important to me. Did you really write your songs while sitting in the back of class at OSU?

Marti Dodson: I can remember this one day, it sticks out in my mind for some reason, it was a spring class and it was so beautiful outside and the windows were open and I wanted so badly to just go outside and just sit and write. note: Marti studied social work and graduated from OSU in 2002. Was the “Girl Next Door” actually inspired by someone?

Marti Dodson: There was a particular girl, it was just some girl that I saw, I didn’t know her, but it is also sort of a conglomeration of those girls you see throughout your life. Did you always want to be a musician?

Marti Dodson: I have always done it, not always in the capacity that I was looking to do it as in a career, but I have always written songs and it has always been a part of my life. What makes a great sports anthem?

Marti Dodson: I think Queen has the market cornered on the arena song with “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions”…They knew what they were doing. When I write I don’t think about it in terms of what it can turn into, I am just writing what I am experiencing right now. If I ever have something turn out that way, it would be awesome. How would you categorize your music?

Marti Dodson: I call it pop rock. It is not straight up pop, there are no dance tunes. It is pop rock. When a light is green, what do you do?

Marti Dodson: GO… What is the color of the sky?

Marti Dodson: BLUE… When more than one person is cold outside, what do they typically put on?

Marti Dodson: JACKETS!

Check out Marti Dodson of the band Saving Jane as she performs the National Anthem as part of the Columbus Blue Jackets Opening Night Festivities. Tickets are still available, click here to purchase tickets now.

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