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Q&A with Ryan M. from Yellowcard

by Blue Jackets Staff / Columbus Blue Jackets

On Friday, from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Capitol Records recording artist Yellowcard will be playing a free concert on Nationwide Blvd. caught up with bassist, Ryan Mendez for a little background on how he became a hockey fan and what people can expect on Friday when Yellowcard takes the stage. Why did the band decide to play the NHL Draft Bash?

Ryan M. from Yellowcard: Basically, a lot of times decisions like this are made or suggested by management. Our manager told us that we have an opportunity to play at the NHL Draft and that we should do it.

I was particularly excited because I'm a huge hockey fan. The other guys in the band aren't as much - they're sports fans in general, but I'm specifically a hockey fan, so I was pretty amped to come. I think it's going be a fun show. Where are you from and who is "Your" team?

Ryan M. from Yellowcard: I was born in Detroit, so I'm actually a Red Wings fan. I moved to Southern California when I was super young, but I spent holidays back in Detroit with the family and have all my family still there. I was always brought up loving hockey from my family, who loved it, and was a Wings fan because of that.

Hockey and soccer are fast-paced sports, which I prefer more than the slower ones, like baseball for example. The other guys in the band, I know, Ryan Key, our singer played hockey, he enjoys it too. I don't think the other members of the band are as big of hockey fans as I am though. Who was your favorite player when you were growing up? Why?

Ryan M. from Yellowcard: (Steve) Yzerman was one of my all-time favorite players. When I really was getting into hockey, not when I was super young, but when I was 10-11-12, Yzerman was my favorite. I was a big (Sergei) Federov fan, too.

And obviously, who wasn't a fan of (Wayne) Gretzky and (Luc) Robitaille and all those guys? Pretty much just those guys, I guess.

It's funny. I played with EA sports 93 on super Nintendo, so I was always a big fan of all the big guys on that game because I played so much, like Pavel Bure, Teemu Selanne, Brett Hull, all of those guys. is the last time that you went to a hockey game?

Ryan M. from Yellowcard: I was trying to get tickets to a Finals game (this year) and I couldn't get tickets.

The last time I went to a game was a couple of years ago. I went to a Kings Red Wings game here in Los Angeles with a huge group of people, 90% of them were Kings fans, a couple of us were huge Red Wings fans. The Red Wings ended up stomping the Kings so it was pretty fun for us. Have you ever played a show in Columbus before? If so, where?

Ryan M. from Yellowcard: We actually played at Ohio State last year when we were doing a college tour. However, I don't remember the last time we played at a club there. What do you remember about Columbus?

Ryan M. from Yellowcard: I remember briefly from being there and remembering it was a cool place. When we were there we saw Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. I know myself, Ryan K. and Sean went out and saw the movie, and remember there was a cool revitalized downtown area. I think we ate at a place that was right across the street from where the arena is, where the Blue Jackets play. It seemed like a pretty chill place. How would you describe your music, for the people who will be attending the NHL Bash and concert?

Ryan M. from Yellowcard: We're just like a melodic pop rock band. We have some heavier influences. We all grew up listening to melodic punk rock, so that shows through a little bit.

Nowadays, we are just a melodic rock band. We have a violin in the band, that is kind of what some people know about us. Some people obviously say, 'Oh a violin, that's a gimmick.' We obviously think it's not a gimmick, Sean writes awesome stuff. It’s something that separates us from other bands. How do hockey and music relate?

Ryan M. from Yellowcard: Hockey is a sport that's so intense and energetic. The kind of music we play and listen to goes along perfectly with it. When we're watching a hockey game and they play one of our songs at the arena, it sits well and is awesome to hear. I think rock music goes well with that kind of intensity that is that sport.

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